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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Appalled By ‘Selfish’ & ‘Childish’ Kody Brown

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Sister Wives fans can only assume Christine Brown has been flaunting her relationship with Kody in an attempt to dispel the split rumors currently swirling. While it certainly seems like there is always a rumor that Kody Brown and one of his four wives are splitting… The spotlight has been on Christine recently and she doesn’t seem to like it.

That being said, one of her latest attempts to call attention to her relationship… And, do what we can only perceive as an attempt to flirt was NOT well-received by Sister Wives fans.

Christine and Kody Brown split rumors swirl

As we’ve previously reported, Sister Wives fans wondered if Christine and Kody split up. These rumors surfaced after he practically gave Christine a house. Some wondered if this was his way of ending the relationship. That being said, splitting up wasn’t the only rumor. Some noted the Sister Wives family have a lot of financial issues right now. And, Kody might’ve been trying to avoid some sort of financial obligation. That being said, fans don’t like the fact that he pushed the obligation off on one of his wives.

Christine, however, must’ve caught wind of the split rumors. Because she made several different moves on social media. This included showing off and calling attention to her wedding ring. And flirting with Kody on social media.

Unfortunately for Christine Brown, the flirting was not well-received by fans. It, however, wasn’t because she was bad at flirting. Sister Wives fans took issue with Kody’s mannerisms when it came to eating. Namely, they thought he was being both childish and selfish. In such a big family… And, a family that struggles with money… Fans couldn’t understand why he would be so picky and wasteful.

What exactly did he do that sent Sister Wives fans over the edge?

Christine Brown recently called attention to Thanksgiving rolls she had made. She doted on them on Instagram and on Facebook Live in her LuLaRoe group. Unfortunately, here husband destroyed her batch of rolls. They had chunks taken out of the top. Turns out, he only likes to eat the very top of the rolls.


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Christine jestingly tested her husband. Accused him of still being a child. Followers of the TLC family on Reddit were deeply disturbed. They didn’t think Kody Brown could get anymore disgusting. Here’s some of what they had to say:

  • “This is clear evidence of a man concerned about his kids getting enough to eat, and respectful of his wife’s efforts to provide food. /s What an a**.”
  • “Not cute and definitely not instagram worthy.”
  • “He came in and took what he wanted like the selfish little rat he is.”

Some Sister Wives fans didn’t understand why Christine Brown would even want to share this. Beyond making it clear she was still spending time with Kody… This didn’t exactly paint a fond picture of him.

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