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Carlin Bates Talks Layla’s 10-Month Milestones

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Carlin Bates and her husband Evan absolutely dote on their daughter Layla. And UPtv fans of Bringing Up Bates seem happy enough for more content on social media. Luckily, Evan and Carlin run a vlog on YouTube. So fans see Layla progress there as well. Now, Carlin celebrated her daughter’s 10-month milestones on her Instagram.

Carlin Bates keeps fans updated on Layla’s  milestones

We reported that Carlin never misses an opportunity to share about Layla with her Bringing Up Bates fans. When Layla hit eight-months, she told her fans that being a mom was a bit of a “wild” ride. Recall, that her daughter got diagnosed with a hole in the heart. Despite all the worrying moments, Carlin loves being a mom. She also learned a lot and she said that some of those things involved learning about herself. Time flies, and soon Layla hits the one-year-old mark.

Carlin Bates took to Instagram on December 2 and shared a new update. She told her fans that Layla just turned “10 months old.” She shared two cute photos of her daughter looking all warm and snug in a knitted jersey. In her caption, The UPtv star wrote, “I know I say this every month, but how in the world are you 10 months old??” Then, she talked again about how “time flies.”

10-month update from Carlin

Apparently, baby Layla gets “into everything.” And so far, she grew four baby teeth. Carlin said, “my heart can’t take her sweet toothy grin.” She mentioned a checkup that she shared on her Instagram stories, and said Layla was simply “the cutest” kid. And, Carlin’s pride comes through as she talked about being a “momma through each and every stage.” Finally, the Bringing Up Bates star wrote, “Thank you, Jesus, for the sweetest treasure- my little Layla Rae!”

Fans adored the photos of the cute little girl. JoAnna Forsyth of Counting On with TLC, said, “Sweet baby! She is precious! You are an amazing Momma!😍” Fans know the two young moms seem like the best of friends. The @batesfam account also commented on the post by Carlin. They said, “how is she so beautiful??!!! Precious!!!!” Of course, other fans of Bringing Up Bates also commented. One of them noted, “Aaw, I always love the pics. thanks for sharing your precious and adorable bundle of joy with us🥰.”

Carlin Bates shares Layla Update
Carlin Bates | Instagram

More love for Layla

Layla fast became yet another fan-favorite of UPtv fans. One fan knows how Carlin feels. They wrote, “If only time would just slow down… My son is 15 and I swear it feels like only yesterday that the doctor placed him in my arms for the first time.”

Time really flies by. Not that long ago, fans saw Carlin Bates as a schoolgirl. Now, she’s married and enjoys the first year of being a mom to her own daughter.

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