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Why Has Danielle Busby Been Struggling Since Hospital Visit?

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Danielle Busby of Outdaughtered certainly has a lot on her plate with her daughters. The thirty-six-year-old has always seemed like a never-ending source of energy. It alarmed her recently when she had to be taken to the hospital because of, “alarming sensations in her arms and legs.”

Adam Busby shared concern for his wife on Instagram. He said, “crazy how fast your day can turn … if you would, please say a prayer for @dbusby. Currently in the ER running tests for some alarming sensations in her arms and legs. It just happened rather quickly today.”

He posted later to concerned fans, “Just made it home, didn’t get a whole lot of answers but will end up seeing a specialist this week for a more thorough workup.” The father of quints; Riley, Ava, Olivia, Parker, and Hazel plus an older daughter Blayke just wanted everyone to know.

Why Danielle Busby Needs To Slow Down To Get Better

Danielle Busby posted that she was going to slow down a little bit to give her body a chance to heal. Then she posted on Instagram that she went hiking. She captioned it, “I would take every day like today! Family first / family adventures are MY FAVORITE!” According to In Touch fans wondered why her definition of taking it easy was different than hers.

One said, “but I thought I read Danielle was taking it easy. These vacations don’t look easy.” She posted on Instagram the girl’s first hike. The mother of six said, “My brave little ladies! Loved every moment of our first hiking adventure. I do believe we have LOTS of Christmas card options.”

Danielle Busby Admits She Needs To ‘Slow Down’ After Hospitalization

She responded to that fan’s comment and said she was trying but it was too hard to stop. Danielle posted on her story that it was vital to take it easy so fans are just concerned about her.

She Struggles To Just Relax With Her Busy Life

Danielle Busby posted about trying to slow down. She said, “it’s been a stressful two weeks. And the stress ain’t slowing down! I almost hate the word ‘relax‘ [because] I don’t have time to relax hahaha. (Who can relate??? Lol.”

She continued saying she wanted to thank everyone for the prayers. Busby was going to relax before another doctor’s appointment. She said, “A lot of you have been asking and … I am feeling ‘better’ just not OK.” Danielle said she’d figuring out what it going on with her, and it isn’t looking like the answer will be simple. While it’s clearly a struggle for her to just take it easy, she is moving closer to finding out what’s wrong with her.

Do you know what it’s like to not be able to slow down? Comment below with your tips for taking it easy every once in a while.

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