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‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Gets More Tattoos

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Unexpected star McKayla Adkins took some heat earlier this year for spending money on so many tattoos. Well, she takes little notice of critics. And, she continues on her body-art quest. Actually, these day’s she goes for a darker… She almost has a gothic look about her as she switches things up.

Unexpected McKayla Adkins tattoo controversy

Caelan Morrison and McKayla split. But, some fans might recall that in January 2020, Caelan put up a Gofundme to buy a van. Fans of TLC reacted angrily. After all, they felt that McKayla acted very “entitled.” She spent money like water. But, made no effort to contribute to the household income. Plenty of their followers slammed McKayla for her many tattoos.

Notably, we reported that Unexpected star McKayla Adkins didn’t seem to mind paying good money for her tattoos. She gave her fans a “Tattoo Tour” and then decided on a “tattoo sleeve.” Bear in mind, tattoos can cost up to about $300 per hour, or even run to thousands, Tattoo Models Net noted. Since then, her tattoo sleeve pretty much covers one entire arm. And now, she started on the other side.

The sun and moon tattoos

McLayla took to her Instagram and revealed in two posts that she now has a moon tattoo. Previously, she got a sun tattoo on the other hand. On top of that, she buzz-cut her hair after a dye disaster and bought a whole lot of long black wigs. She’s coupled her new look with a penchant for studded collars and black outfits.

Unfortunately, these days the Unexpected star McKayla keeps comments off on her Instagram posts. So, TLC fans can’t express their feelings. However, McKayla brings little of substance to her social media. Most of her photos reveal her posing for the camera. There, she either tries on a Mrs. Dracula look or attempts a more seductive look.

Unexpected McKayla Adkins
McKayla Adkins | Instagram

TLC star goes quiet on YouTube

In days gone by, McKayla brought some interesting tutorials or spilled the beans about her life on YouTube. But once again, little of substance comes there either. In fact, it’s been eight months since her last vlog went up. It certainly seems like McKayla loses interest in interacting with TLC fans. These days, it seems she found a new boyfriend and moved on from Caelan.

Perhaps she just keeps the relationship more private. After all, she lived through a lot of trolling and hate as fans sided with Caelan. Many fans felt sorry for him as he worked so hard to proved her with a good home. The bottom line is that as long as the kids are well-cared for, it doesn’t matter what the Unexpected star McKayla does with her life. And she assured people that they do just fine.

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