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Deanna Duggar Leaves Passive Aggressive Comment On Jeremy’s Pic Of Evangeline

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Despite being part of the family tree, Deanna Duggar Jordan learned of Evangeline Jo Vuolo’s birth the same way fans did. Through Instagram. And, it quickly became clear aunt Deanna was feeling a little salty about being left out of the loop. In fact, she was so salty she left a very passive aggressive comment on a recent picture of the newborn. And, the Duggar Snark community on Reddit was here for Deanna Duggar’s passive aggressive comment.

What exactly did she say in the comments? And, who is Deanna Duggar Jordan, anyway? Keep reading for the details.

First things first, who is Deanna Duggar Jordan?

If you are new to following the Duggar family. Or, you just don’t know much about their extended family… You probably have no idea who Deanna Duggar Jordan even is. That’s ok, she doesn’t pop up in conversation too often. Deanna Duggar is the daughter of Mary Duggar and Jimmy Duggar. (Yes, that makes her Jim Bob Duggar’s sister). She’s also the mother to Amy Duggar King.

Now, Amy King is probably a name you recognize. She’s considered to be the black sheep of the Duggar family tree. Truth be told, neither her nor her mother really have much to do with the Duggar family. At least not those who are still tethered to Jim Bob and Michelle. Amy King and her mother do have a relationship with the children who have “broken free” from Jim Bob and Michelle. Jill Dillard and Amy King, for example, frequently spend time together.

Jinger Vuolo, Jeremy & Michelle Duggar Take Evangeline For Checkup

In fact, there were rumors that Jim Bob did not allow Deanna (and especially her daughter Amy) around his children without supervision. He considered Amy to be a bad influence on them.

Ok, so what kind of passive aggressive comment did she leave?

Now, let’s get to what you are here for. What kind of passive aggressive comment did aunt Deanna Duggar leave on Jeremy’s Instagram post? Well, she congratulated the father on his new bundle of joy. And, after the congratulation? She passive aggressively added that no one told her the baby was born.

She chased the comment with a few red heart emojis. While the comment might’ve looked innocent enough to some… The Duggar Snark community of Reddit is convinced Deanna was passive aggressively throwing a little shade at the family for not telling her the baby was born.

Auntie dearest Deanna didn’t know that Evanescence— sorry, Evangeprop had arrived from DuggarsSnark

So, do you think Deanna Duggar meant to be so passive aggressive with her comment? Or, do you think people are reading too much into it? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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