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‘Bachelor’ Feud? Taylor Nolan Sends Bullying Accusations Towards Arie Luyendyk Jr.

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Politics and 2020 seem to be bringing out the worst in people. And, there’s been many feuds on and off screen with some favorite reality TV stars. The newest feud comes between Taylor Nolan and former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. She slammed Arie by accusing him of bullying and sex shaming her.

Taylor Nolan slams Arie Luyendyk Jr. on Instagram

US Weekly shared all about the feud between Taylor and Arie. It all goes back to election night. Taylor slammed Arie for posting polls about what and who everyone was voting for. She didn’t like that at all.

She first made an Instagram post in which she was flipping off the camera. Taylor said,

“I get it’s hard for white men, specifically, to understand their privilege … because y’all really benefit from upholding white supremacy, s—t ya made it!. So when someone, especially a BIPOC woman, asks for accountability or calls into question your problematic or harmful ‘opinions’ your quick to belittle, shame, and deflect. It feels threatening, and how dare I?! You want to put them back in place, make us be ‘classy’ for you. Well, sorry, I don’t exist to be classy for you. And I won’t be small or ashamed of who I am or what I do. Reacting to accountability, as if it’s a form of oppression, with childish bullying, sex-shaming, and belittling is sad, shows all your privilege, and it DON’T work here.”

Taylor went so far as to also call out Arie personally and said, “Good try though oh, and this is for you @ariejr .”

This post was followed up by a 12 minute long video in which she goes even further in slamming the former Bachelor. 

Arie fights back

Arie decided to go after Taylor in a post she made promoting some sexual products. In fact, Taylor posts many ads for sexual aids. Arie said, “Love how you came after me for posting an election poll but you’re advertising m*sturb*tion pads or whatever he [SIC] hell this is … classy.”

And, once again Taylor fired back at Arie. And, once again she held nothing back. Taylor said, “This is part of what I do for my job, I do partnerships on Instagram. I also work as a s*x therapist. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I’m in school getting my PHD in clinical sexology. So. this is the post that he feels is something that he can put me down with.” She continued, “That it’s laughable. … [It’s] s*x-shaming and s*x negativity, which this is not a space for. Y’all know that I don’t play with that s—t. My whole passion and job, literally that I’ve chosen, is to fight against that.”

Taylor didn’t stop there, she kept going

Ouch! She went on to say he was possibly messing with her income by commenting on her paid advertisement posts. And, Taylor didn’t stop there. She went on to say him calling her classy is to “put down women specifically who don’t fit into a thin, petite, agreeable, soft, feminine, white nature of what white men what a woman to be.”

Taylor kept going. She said she would not fall in line to this and this was to put women down. She went on saying she would not allow herself to feel small because of what he said. Taylor concluded saying, “This is a white man in position of authority, who was the Bachelor, the lead Bachelor.”

Arie has yet to respond to Taylor’s accusations and harsh words. Of course, he just recovered from COVID-19. So, perhaps he hasn’t seen her hateful reaction. Or, perhaps he is taking the high road and letting it go. She definitely has no problem letting the world know what she thinks and that won’t cease anytime soon.

What do you think about this hatefulness from Taylor to Arie? Do you think it was immature?

Stay tuned for more updates on their continuing feud.


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