90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Under Fire

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Deavan Clegg Comes Under Fire For PDA With New Beau

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90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg is under fire from her fans yet again. These days, it feels like the reality TV personality is getting in trouble with her followers weekly, if not daily.

This time, she’s under fire for a new Instagram post, showing her kissing her new boyfriend, Topher Park. Alongside the picture, Deavan posted the caption, “and that is a wrap! Today was so much fun! So happy I got to experience this with you.”

She included a link to Topher’s Instagram page and used the 90 Day Fiance hashtags, as well as #documentary.

It didn’t take long for her many, many social media followers to wonder out loud why she was kissing anyone other than her ex, Jihoon.

“Should you still be tagging 90day if that isn’t Jihoon?” one user wrote.

“Move on with your life but you don’t have to rub it in Jihoon face,” another posted.

’90 Day Fiance’ Rumors Start Rolling Again

While some of Deavan’s followers expressed outrage over her kissing another man, some believed this was a hint of something much bigger.

Some fans believed she was hinting at an engagement. Those kinds of rumors are nothing new. Some of Deavan’s fans believe she’s engaged whenever she posts a picture of herself and her beau.

Some of talk on her Insta page appeared to be people thirsty for big news. The 90 Day Fiance star never made mention of anything other than wrapping up a shoot.

“uh oh, another baby on the way?” one fan posited.

Does this mean your engaged?!?!? Yayyyym” another wrote.

Both posts garnered responses from other fans that they were overreacting to the post. However, there were still plenty of followers who desperately wanted to go down that path.

Holding Out Hope

90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Under Fire

There were still other followers who desperately want Deavan and Jihoon to somehow patch things up. Quite a few of the commenters felt as though the picture was almost like cheating on her former boyfriend.

The desire to see the two reality stars reunite likely ignores what’s happened since cameras first started rolling on their lives. After Deavan returned to the United States from a pandemic prolonged stay in South Korea, she had some less than flattering things to say about her former love.

At one point, she even accused Jihoon of abusing her daughter. She also level lesser charges such as run of the mill laziness at her ex.

Deavan’s former 90 Day Fiance partner denied every claim she threw his way. He went so far as to post on Instagram himself, detailing how hard he works and how many jobs he participates in.

Just what is in store for the new couple is something fans of the show are clearly going to pay close attention to. It appears they can start with the newly finished documentary.

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