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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Loren Brovarnik Trolled Over Latest Product Endorsement

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A common occurrence among 90 Day Fiancé castmembers is product endorsements and affiliations. Loren Borvarnik is no exception to this.

What is Loren Brovarnik Advertising now?

In a recent photo on Instagram, Loren Brovarnik looks as happy as ever. She rocks a tie-dyed t-shirt, black athletic shorts, and adorable black and white striped bow slides. However, the other item with the new mom seems to get grief among some of her followers.

Accompanying Brovarnik in her selfie is a Eufy Official HomeVac S11 Infinity. In the caption, she raves about the vacuum. She writes, “Priorities have clearly changed in my life and the things I get excited for have changed also.” Assumably, this is a reference to the birth of her son, Shai.

Loren Brovarnik Eufy
Instagram / Loren Brovarnik

Nothing about this post seems out of the ordinary. For example, Loren goes on to gives specs and pricing about the vacuum. “It’s light, cordless, has two batteries (you read that correctly), runs up to 80 minutes and works on so many surfaces!” Notably, this next part is probably what sticks out to her followers.  “My followers can directly get discounts when shopping in eufy’s Amazon store without any code. Be sure to check out my upcoming stories to see why I love it! You’re welcome!”

Trolls take to the comments about the endorsement.

Sadly, it doesn’t take long for social media trolls to come out of hiding. One fan mistakes the upper handle part of the vacuum for a drink. So, the fan goes on to comment, “There is no way she vacuums and holds a drink! The control is very heavy, you need two hands to hold it! But she knows that, they asked her to pose that way!” The follower goes on to insinuate that Loren Brovarnik’s fans are beginning to question her authenticity. To that point, the follower writes, “Best make sure what you post here is legit, followers are starting to catch on!”

Brovarnik corrects this particular follower with the appropriate level of sass. In her response, she writes, “it’s actually very light. But you’d know that if you had it. I’m also holding my phone in one hand, the vacuum with another. No drinks here.

90 Day Fiance Loren Brovarnik
Instagram / Loren Brovarnik

More followers take the vacuum post personally.

It’s hard to imagine a simple selfie whilst doing chores can spark so much drama. However, that is precisely the case here. Unfortunately, another follower chimes in with more negativity on the post. According to this commenter, Loren has a large unemployed following.  The follower tags Loren and writes, “you don’t seem to be aware that so many of your followers are unemployed and you just keep posting that which pays your bills!” While it seems that the point is made, the follower continues you on their rant. They write, “So your bills are getting paid at the expense of those followers.” Luckily, there are some followers with common sense about them. One fan comes to assist Loren. This fan writes, “NO ONE is being forced to buy anything that they can’t afford!”

Seemingly, Loren Brovarnik disregards the hate in her post. Fans can rest assured that Brovarnik is authentic. She brings some clarity to the post with her response about how a vacuum can be worth over $200. With this Brovarnik writes, “oh it’s worth it! That’s the thing. I don’t promote stuff I don’t personally use or wear.” She even brings up the fact that she repeatedly tells people that. “I’ve said that over and over again for years!” As far as the vacuum goes, “This is a vacuum, that I 1) love, 2) use and 3) am more than happy to promote!”

Luckily for fans, it doesn’t seem that the hate on this comment is going to dull Loren Brovarnik’s shine. How do you feel about this endorsement? Let us know in the comments below. Check back with TV Shows Ace for this and more reality television news.


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