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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Darcey Silva Slammed Over Photoshop

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Darcey Silva is of 90 Day Fiancé fame and subsequent spin-off of Darcey and Stacey. Undoubtedly, she knows how to get attention on social media. Fans of the shows are all too familiar with her over the top antics. However, a common jab at Darcey Silva and her Instagram posts is her use of filters and allegations of using photoshop.

Darcey Silva Selfie Gets Love from Fans

Having spent a lot of time on national television, Darcey Silva has amassed quite the following. Not only that, but Silva is an accomplished businesswoman. She and her sister, Stacey, founded the fashion line House of 11. Notably, her Instagram bio also says she’s a part of 11th Entertainment and is a White T executive producer.

It seems Darcey’s latest post to Instagram is a call for a better 2021. The reality television star captions the photo with, “This 2021 Will be amazing! I’m ready! Are you?”  While fellow 90 Day Fiancé star David Toborowsky responds with a pleasant comment, others are not as kind. Toborwsky replies, “2021 will be incredible,” with heart eye emojis.

Other positive comments note how great Darcey’s eyebrows look. Additionally, fans sing her praises as they assume this is her natural hair color. Of interesting note, one fan proclaims that Darcey Silva resembles Stephanie Pratt of The Hills.

Darcey Silva photoshop
Photos Courtesy of Instagram: Stephanie Pratt & Darcey Silva

Negative Comments Follow

Sadly, it seems that much of what to follow from Darcy Silva’s followers is negativity. While one fan calls out the fact that Darcey has posted this photo before, others call it a photoshop fail. She did use this photo 24 weeks earlier. At that time the accompanying caption was, “I’m a strong mom firs tand foremost Loving life is important! Aniko and Aspen you are and will always be my angels.” Furthermore, it seems that the photo in question is a part of her regular photo rotation. However, she never claims that this is a new photograph.

One of the more harsh comments says, “Wtf Who is this? (sic) To much photoshop.” However, one follower seemingly goes on a tirade about feelings about Darcey’s photograph. The full comment is below:

“as a woman darcey should be ashamed. Let’s see. Must have a man, no matter who he is. Must photshop, filter and use so much plastic surgery she doesn’t even know what she REALLY looks like. She’s disgusting. How woman can look up to this trainwreck is mind blowing. She is EVERYTHING a woman shouldn’t be.”

Fans respond to the haters

While the comment may be true, it is also wildly presumptive and incredibly rude to say to someone. Fans are quick to come to Darcey’s aid tells the commenter, “grow up and stop bullying… it’s disgusting.” One of the more heartwarming comments points out that it doesn’t matter if the photograph is photoshopped. It isn’t hurting anyone. Another touching comment says, “Lift women up! Polish their crowns! Stop trying to steal their joy!!”

Darcey Silva photoshopped
Instagram / Darcey Silva

Fans of Darcey Silva know that one thing is for certain, she will always be #silvastrong. With an upcoming wedding, it is hard to imagine anything will bring her down from cloud nine.  How do you feel about Darcey Silva and photoshop? Do you think she looks like Stephanie Pratt? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more TLC and other reality television news.

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