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‘sMothered’: Did Frank Canuto, Boyfriend of Brittani’s Mom Mary, Pass Away?

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sMothered Season 2 on TLC brought Brittani and her mom Mary who live in Jensen Beach, Florida. Recall, Brittani trained as a corrections officer. And, she came out. But many fans thought she only did that to annoy her Mom’s long-term live-in boyfriend Frank Canuto. On the show, it seemed that Brittani despised Frank. But did he just pass away over Thanksgiving?

sMothered – Did Frank Canuto pass away?

We reported in July this year, that Brittani revealed that since the age of 13, she preferred girls. Some fans thought that Mary must have already known. After all, the mom and daughter went for colonic cleansing together. And, they shared a shower. While it seemed a huge reveal on the show, fans were not that shocked. After all, Mary took it in her stride. And honestly, some fans even thought that Mary and Brittani bordered on “incest.”

On Twitter, some sMothered fans even suggested that Brittani only came out to upset Frank. She made no secret that she didn’t like him. And, Mary accused him of “cheating ” on her for “masturbating.” One critic said, “I knew Brittani was either gay or not a virgin. She is jealous of her Mom and Frank’s relationship so she tries to sabotage it.” Well, if Frank Canuto just passed away, TLC fans on Reddit hope they made their peace first. But where did the news that he possibly died come from?

Someone named Frank Canuto passed away – was it Frank from sMothered?

Not enough credit goes to Redditors. So, this story is a shoutout to the many sleuths over there. On November 28, Redditor u/SadDogCommercials posted on the r/SmotheredTLC sub-account. They shared the contents of an obituary about Frank Canuto. The user also mentioned the cause of death as “cancer.” Naturally, some fans wondered if it’s true that Frank passed away and if he’s the boyfriend of Mary.

Thanks to another user on Reddit, u/rainb12, a Facebook post came to light. Shared by the Morningside Church in Port Saint Lucie, we followed up. And over there, a Frank Canuto passed away. The post noted that Frank Canuto passed away on Sunday, November 22, 2020. Plus they mentioned his “wife” Mary. Still, it’s not clear that it’s the Frank that fans saw on sMothered on TLC.

sMothered Frank Canuto death obituary
Morningside Church, Port Saint Lucie | Facebook

The photo seems to indicate that Mary’s boyfriend passed away

The obituary, posted by Pastor Anthony came accompanied by a photo. And the man in the photo looks remarkably like Frank who fans saw on TLC. Actually, from the comparison pictures shown below, we’d call it a sad event for the family from sMothered.

sMothered Frank Canuto

Unfortunately. nothing official came on any of Brittani’s or Mary’s posts. If you see anything, please pop it up in the comments so our readers can get more clarity on the news.

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