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Nelly Plans To Donate Shoes To Charity Organization

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Against all odds, rapper Nelly came in 3rd on Dancing With The Stars this season. He didn’t win first place, but that’s okay. He has his eye on another goal now.

During his time on DWTS, he wore custom-made shoes nearly every week. Fans went crazy for them! But now that the season is over, Nelly plans to donate the shoes to one of his favorite charities. The Teen Project will auction off the shoes and use the money to help human trafficking victims. TMZ reported that Nelly donated at least 10 pairs of shoes. The entire collection could go for $50,000 or more.

Nelly is pretty passionate about this cause. In 2020 alone, he helped The Teen Project raise about $820,000. TMZ reports that this is about $300,000 more than he helped raised last year.

TMZ reports he helps raise money for Vera’s Sanctuary, which is a branch of The Teen Project. It’s a rehab facility for sex trafficking victims. The Teen Project allegedly used the money to help some of the victims pay for college.

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