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The Many Times ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants Have Called Out Producers

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Throughout the years some contestants on The Bachelor franchise have had no problem calling out producers. Many have felt that producers sometimes overstep their boundaries and instigate certain situations. Contestants are getting more and more vocal about their negative experiences on The Bachelor. 

Contestants on The Bachelor call out producers more often recently

US Weekly shared many contestants and leads who have spoken out against production. Colton Underwood is one lead on The Bachelor who has been outspoken about producer manipulation. He said he wasn’t happy with production for inviting Cassie Randolph’s dad to Thailand during the final weeks of filming.

And, he said, “It was all clear and perfect and everything a parent should do. I’m sure that’s why my old pal, supervising producer Ruby Taylor, had called Matt in the first place.” He continued, “She’d contacted him several days earlier and told him that Cassie was really struggling with her feelings and could use him as a sounding board. … It made me feel like production was working against me and trying to help Cassie break up with me.”

He went on to say he wasn’t allowed to discuss Peter Weber’s season of the show either because he would keep it real. Production didn’t like that. In regards to Peter’s season, Colton said, “I feel like that’s the producer’s job is to sort of help guide the lead, guide the person I felt like they hung [Peter] out to dry in so many different ways and set him up for failure.”

Kelley Flanagan called out The Bachelor producers, along with others

Kelley Flanagan voiced her opinion about production manipulating her relationship with Peter Weber. She made the comment that she later retracted saying producers kept in her “locked in a closet for three hours.” Kelley said she knew producers were pushing The Bachelor towards certain contestants and pulling some contestants back a notch.

Another time a contestant has called out production was when Luke Parker shared information before his contract was up. And, that one ended up biting him in the behind. The courts made him pay production $100,000 following a lawsuit. Luke had to pay for violating his contract.

Melissa Rycroft also felt used by The Bachelor production team. Of course, Melissa is talking about her engagement to Jason Mesnick that ended on After the Final Rose. Melissa said, “I was so angry with the whole production. I was like, ‘They all lied to me. They all got me here.” She continued, “They got me dressed up.’ [And] I was furious with him for doing it to me.” She continued, “[Production] put me in that shiny foil, strapless mini dress, they put the ring on my finger and backstage they had me watch the engagement video, which I’d never seen before [because] it hadn’t aired [yet]. They got me all dolled up and all emotional.”

Others who have complained

Brooks Forester also complained about motives The Bachelor production team may have had. He said they would try to get him to talk about family members or things that occurred in his childhood then use that as part of the show.

Clare Crawley is the most recent to feel that perhaps production used her to an extent. She received a lot of backlash regarding the strip dodgeball date. She totally blamed that on production and that was all them and not her idea.

Katie Morton also has a bad taste in her mouth regarding producers on The Bachelor. When she and Chris Bukowski became engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, she said producers wouldn’t let her see her ring. She said they would only let her have it when it suited their needs. When Chris Harrison asked her why she wasn’t wearing her ring, she didn’t know how to say it wasn’t her choice.

Other contestants and leads that have voiced concerns over productions role in the process are Rachel Lindsay Trista Sutter and Blake Horstmann.

No doubt the production teams role in the show helps to raise the drama level. Tayshia Adams season is still playing out and fans will get to see Matt James season of The Bachelor in January.

Stay tuned for more information and updates.


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