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Glenn Close Thought Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar Win ‘Didn’t Make Sense’

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Glenn Close was surprised by Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1999 Oscar win.

In fact, the veteran actor said her counterpart’s victory for Best Actress, “didn’t make sense.” Close weighed in on the issue during a recent interview with People. During a press junket for her new Netflix original show, Hillbilly Elegy, when the conversation turned to the award show over a decade ago.

The conversation was part of a larger point Close made. That one performance can’t be compared to another. She used Paltrow’s win at the Academy Awards as a prime example of her point.

“I honestly feel that to be nominated by your peers is about as good as it gets. And then, I’ve never understood how you could honestly compare performances, you know?” said Close. “I remember the year Gwyneth Paltrow won over that incredible actress who was in Central Station and I thought, ‘What?’ It doesn’t make sense.”

Close went on to say whoever wins has a lot to do with who is popular. She added publicity plays a part too.

“So I think who wins has a lot of things to do with how things have been, you know, whether it has traction or whatever. Publicity, how much money did they have to put it out in front of everybody’s sight,” she continued, adding, “I have to be philosophical about it, if I was upset about it….”

1999 Oscar Still Bugs Glenn Close

When Paltrow won the Academy Award more than 20 years ago, she beat out several good actresses. Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth; Fernanda Montenegro for Central Station; Meryl Streep for One True Thing; and Emily Watson for Hilary and Jackie. Close was partial to Montenegro, apparently.

Paltrow won for Shakespeare in Love. The actress was just 26 at the time. Close was hardly the only one a bit surprised by the victory. However, the movie was quite popular at the time. Indeed, the film won six other Academy Awards. Those awards included Best Supporting Actress for Judi Dench. It also won Best Picture.

Close didn’t suffer from sour grapes. She wasn’t up for the award in that category in 1999.

The veteran actor does have seven Oscar nominations on her resume. But she’s never won that award.

On the flip side, she won three Tony Awards and three Emmy Awards over her career.

Hillbilly Elegy Her First?

Close would like to think she can win an Oscar for her Netflix original show. However, the victory would be bittersweet. In her interview, she said winning this time means not being able to celebrate the way she’d like.

“I know, but it’s so sad if it happens when we’re all unable to celebrate in a room together,” Close said with a laugh. “I mean, that would be ironic, but that’s what life does, right?”

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