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Cody Nickson Reveals How He Thinks Covid is Scam With New Discount Code

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Cody Nickson of Big Brother is sharing exactly what he thinks of Covid-19 with a new discount code. Screen Rant shared what Cody had to say on his Instagram post that got fans talking. He has been working hard to promote his new company, Couple’s Coffee Co. A recent post showed how he feels about Covid.

Cody Nickson’s new post

Cody’s new post was on his Instagram Story and it showed a discount code. With this code, you could get 5% off of an order. That is a great deal. Then he shared the code that you have to use to get the discount. Cody Nickson used the code “scamdemic.” If you used this code, you could save, but that code means so much more. Cody isn’t afraid to admit how he feels about COVID-19. He is obviously calling the pandemic that is going on right now a scam.

Cody has made it very clear over the last few months that he isn’t a fan of Covid. Is he a doctor? No, Cody Nickson isn’t a doctor at all. Instead, he is a Veteran Marine and his degree is in business management. Regardless, Cody doesn’t believe that it is real.

What is Cody up to?

Cody and Jessica are still together and doing well. These two found love on Big Brother. They are now married and Cody shared on his Instagram that he is the proud father of three little girls. It looks like things are going pretty great for him right now.

Cody recently shared all about how he wants to teach his child to serve. On Veteran’s Day, he made a post and he said the following.

“I’m going to teach this little one how to serve. Whether you are active military, veteran, or civilian, you have the ability to serve your community. In honor and celebration of our veterans, even though Veterans Day has passed, we should all serve our families and community as best as possible. We want to build on the freedom and excellent foundation our veterans have provided. Don’t know where to volunteer? Well, I’m going to be volunteering in support of The Mission Continues which is an organization that offers the opportunity for both veterans and civilians to help around their communities and give back. No action is too big or too small, so get out there, volunteer, and stand alongside veteran volunteers and serve your community. #HonorThroughAction #USAAPartner @usaa.”

Don’t miss Big Brother when it returns to CBS, hopefully, next summer, with new episodes.

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