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Jinger Vuolo Rocks Blue Jeans Days After Giving Birth, Fans Are Envious

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo was seriously rocking a pair of blue jeans in a photo she shared on her Instagram a few hours ago. This particular photo was very special for Counting On fans. Why? Because it was the first family photo that included Felicity since giving birth to Evangeline Jo.

Now, there is no denying there was a lot to appreciate about this very sweet photo. But, many quickly became obsessed with how well Jinger Vuolo fit in those blue jeans just days after giving birth.

When did Jinger Duggar Vuolo give birth, anyway?

As we’ve previously reported, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are now the proud parents of two beautiful little girls. They welcomed Evangeline Jo into the world on Sunday, November 22 at 11:26 p.m. Evangeline Jo Vuolo was 7 pounds and 20 inches when she was born. This birth brings Jinger and Jeremy’s family total to a family of four. The couple have been very generous with sharing photos of their new bundle of joy on Instagram.

In fact, Jinger Vuolo shared a photo a few hours ago that featured the entire family. As we mentioned previously, this is the first time fans have seen Felicity and her new baby sister in a photo together.

Some fans were surprised to see the TLC star rocking blue jeans already

The photo featured Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo sitting on a brown couch together. Jeremy was holding Felicity. And, Jinger was holding Evangeline Jo. Both parents had huge smiles on their face. They had a lot to be thankful for as they celebrated Thanksgiving as a new family of four.

Sure, fans appreciated getting to see this beautiful family photo. And, they wondered what Felicity thought about having to share mommy and daddy. But, what many wanted to discuss was how incredible Jinger Vuolo was looking. More specifically, they wanted to talk about those blue jeans.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
[Jinger Vuolo Instagram]
It’s only been five days since Jinger Vuolo gave birth to Evangeline Jo. Many of her Instagram followers could not believe she was already rocking a pair of blue jeans. And, looking both fabulous and comfortable in them!

Now, there were some skeptics who responded to the conversation. They noted the jeans were likely maternity jeans. And, wearing maternity clothing after giving birth wasn’t that big of an accomplishment. Even so, most were very envious about how comfortable and incredible Jinger looked just days after giving birth.

Are you surprised to see how Jinger Vuolo rocks those jeans days after giving birth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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