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Andi Dorfman Wants To Help You Become A Better Runner

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Bachelorette alum Andi Dorfman announced her new workout app. The aptly named “Andorfins” was created to “take the intimidation” out of running. The subscription-based app will launch in time for the 2021 New Year. The 33-year-old admits that she never loved running.

As most do, she hated running at first. But she wanted to push herself to become a better runner. And now, Andi wants to help you become a better runner. She fell in love with the incredibly simple, yet increasingly difficult workout.

Why the former Bachelorette never considered herself a serious runner

The former reality star spoke to People about her new workout app. Andi Dorfman said she never felt that she was a serious or real runner. But she remained committed to the practice by training for the New York City marathon in 2019. She even shared her progress on social media with the hashtag #Andorfins, which immediately went viral.

“When I started running, I found both my physical and mental well-being improve tremendously,” Andi told People. “I think now two things are more important than ever: our physical health and our mental health.”

Sharing her progress on social media helped keep her accountable. The #Andorfins hashtag eventually grew into a “positive and cool” community of runners from across the globe. The former Bachelorette knew she had something special on her hands. This led her to the launch of her very own subscription-based app for runners.

“It’s a running app but so much more,” Andi added.

andi dorfman instagram post
[Credit: Andi Dorfman/Instagram]
She admits that running can be “intimidate” for beginners. So, her goal was to remove the intimidation while building a community. The app guides the user “before you lace up your sneakers” and into the first run. It also includes “recovery videos” that offer both “stretching” and “nutrition.”

“My favorite part is that it doesn’t stop there,” the brunette beauty said. “I don’t want to give too much away, but there are some other really interesting components of the app that teach good practices and tips for everyday life.”

How Andi Dorfman stays fit in quarantine

She also revealed whether her fitness routine changed in quarantine. The pandemic has made it difficult for some people to stay on top of their fitness goals. It’s especially hard for runners, who now have to worry about face coverings and social distancing. As for Andi Dorfman, running helped her during a difficult time.

“But I found that running has become more about my mental health. There are very few things that a good run can’t help you figure out,” Andi explained. “So I’ve absolutely used it as a crutch during some of the tough days that I’m sure everyone has experienced during quarantine.”

Andi’s mood also improves when she’s in “matching workout sets.” If she’s not wearing one, then she’s probably wearing “cut-off jean shorts and a bathing suit” at the beach. Her lifestyle has changed since moving to Los Angeles. But there are days when Andi doesn’t feel like exercising.

andi dorfman instagram
[Credit: Andi Dorfman/Instagram]
“I think of two things. First: how I always feel after a workout, which is such a high and a feeling of accomplishment,” Andi said. “Second: what I will accomplish during the 30 or 45 minutes I am not exercising, and it’s usually absolutely nothing – so that makes it an easy decision.”

During the interview, Andi admitted that she’s not watching the new season of The Bachelorette. She feels it “changed a lot in terms of how it’s edited.” She just finds herself screaming at her television, which sounds like a normal reaction for some.

The Andorfins app launches on January 4 for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

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