Kate Gosselin Thanksgiving

Kate Gosselin Only Hosting Six Of Her Kids For Thanksgiving

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Kate Gosselin has plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. However, not everything is peachy keen for the reality television alum.

The mother of eight just sold her house for over a million dollars. She’ll host most of her family for a Turkey Day feast later this week. Unfortunately, not every kid is going to be in attendance.

Only six of Kate’s eight children are showing up for the holiday. The Hollywood Gossip reports Collin and Hannah won’t be in attendance.

Those two children are eating with dad, Jon. They’ll also be feasting with Jon’s girlfriend Colleen Conrad and her kids from another relationship.

“Kate wishes it could be different, but that’s the way it is,” an insider told the site. However, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star isn’t down about the situation. “She’s not going to let that put a damper on the holidays,” the same insider added.

Plenty To Celebrate For Kate Gosselin

Collin and Hannah’s absence will be felt by their mom. However, she did get some good news for Thanksgiving prep. Maddy and Cara, both usually away at college are coming home for the holiday.

A friend of Kate’s said that while she’s the host, the kids are expected to participate in getting ready for the big meal. That friend said the reality television veteran will handle the turkey. However, the kids will work on side dishes.

“Everyone chips in and does their part with food prepping,” a friend reportedly said.

Collin and Hannah’s absence isn’t a surprise. The two teens have lived with Jon for the last two years. There appears to be a bit of static between them and Kate. It’s not entirely clear what caused the strain.

Interestingly enough, any real strain appeared to be between Collin and Jon. Earlier this fall, the teen boy accused his father of abuse. Jon was later cleared by authorities. However, Collin posted on a now-deleted Instagram post that his father was abusive and a liar.

Kate Gosselin family problems

Jon Turns On Kate

Not long after Collin’s accusations, Jon claimed it was his ex-wife’s doing. She, of course, denied any involvement.

The kids’ dad later said the teen blew a situation out of proportion. After the two began an argument, Jon said he restrained Collin, who had become violent. He also said the younger Gosselin acted “manic,” during the incident.

One reason Hannah isn’t planning on seeing her mom on Thanksgiving might be the sale of the house. Jon said Kate sold the property without discussing it with all her children. Hannah was against getting rid of her childhood home, according to her father.

“She didn’t even notify Hannah that she was moving,” the former reality TV patriarch claimed during the November 10 episode of The Dr. Oz Show. He also claimed Kate Gosselin didn’t tell him until after the deed was done, through text message.

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