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‘Below Deck’ Guest Worries Girlfriend After Fawning Over James

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Below Deck‘s James Hough is no stranger to guests’ attention.

If a new clip of an upcoming episode is any indication, the deck hand has yet another admirer. This time, the level of fawning directed at James is enough to make even the admirer’s significant other a bit concerned.

E! Online acquired the new clip. In the short teaser, James gets quite a bit of attention from a new charter guest. It’s not even the first time the yachtie was the object of affection from someone paying for his services. Early on in the latest season, one guest goes so far as to ask for his number.

Of course, that guest was apparently single. And a woman.

This time around, James gets quite a bit of affection from a male guest, who is traveling with his girlfriend.

“I have a question,” the guest says to his girlfriend in front of James as well as Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi as they clean up for the night. “Why is a good looking guy like him working on a yacht like this?”

‘Below Deck’ Crewman The Center Of Attention

The guest’s girlfriend was clearly caught off guard by the question. She responded simply, “Woah.” James, who overheard the comment, tried to just laugh it off. “That’s a good question,” he responded.

The guest, undeterred by bystanders’ level of discomfort continued to flatter the Below Deck crewmate. At one point in the clip, he compared the deckhand to actor Tom Hardy.

“That’s a good shout!” James told him. “We’re fast becoming friends.”

Eventually, Francesca joined the group and attempted to put an end to the uncomfortable comments. However, the guest was undeterred.

“Francesca, that’s the hottest guy right there,” the guest asked. “Out of all the guys, is that your favorite? Tom Hardy right there?”

However, the ship’s Chief Stew evaded the question. She responded that all the crewmates are her favorites.

From Oddity To Annoyance

While the yacht’s crew members are a bit blown away by how much the guest likes James, his girlfriend eventually became unhappy. Indeed she seemed particularly perturbed at how long the flattery lasted.

“I think I’m worried about my boyfriend,” she joked before announcing she was “pretty bored.” She then left the deck, presumably to go to bed. Perhaps sensing she was not in the mood to deal with his attention being anywhere but on her, the guest in question followed her below deck.

With the two customers gone, James and Francesca finished cleaning up, unmolested. As they were just about done, the two Below Deck castmates couldn’t resist a joke at the charter customer’s expense.

“Sorry, watch out for my ass! I’ve got a great ass,” James remarked.

“Tom Hardy ass,” Francesca fired back.

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