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Lifetime’s ‘Homemade Christmas’ Stars ‘GH’s’ Michelle Argyris


What Is Lifetime’s Homemade Christmas About?

According to MSN’s Lifetime preview, Megan (Argyris), is eager to take on any challenge and ace it. Ambitious, she has vowed to become the “ultimate” freelance assistant, in order to score a dream job.

Although she originally took this on to make some extra money, she is having a lot of fun. Megan puts everything into whatever she does. However, she is really challenged when she is given the chance to save a Christmas party, and impress someone influential. Does she throw away her chance to be with Mr. Right?

Michelle Argyris Loved ‘Bringing Megan To Life’

Lifetime filmed Homemade Christmas right before the coronavirus quarantine. They filmed in Ottawa back in late February. Above all, Michelle Argyris loved being in this movie. Most of all, she loved playing Megan.
The General Hospital alum went to Instagram at the end of shooting this movie to share her exuberance. “That’s one for the books! #HomemadeChristmas 🎄🎥 🎁 Missing my set family out in Ottawa right now, they made everyday on this set magical. 🎀🧸 Being surrounded by love and positivity makes a big difference when working 14-16 hour days under a lot of pressure. Thank you @jaydesiwy with a ‘Y’ for being you , @ilonasmythofficial for casting me, @adrian.langley for bringing this movie to life, @christie_charlene for being the best booba in the world, @mrdarcyryan for your attention to detail, @margarita.vald for being the best set friend anyone could ask for, @connormcmahon_33 for your positivity and laughs, marchello and @tiaralula for your hard work, Shakira & Kaitlyn for styling Megan up and especially my phenomincal costar @travis_k.n who made my entire experience. 💚❤️Additionally, all the crew that worked many hours without a complaint. Thank you Steve for letting me bring Megan to life 💚💁🏻‍♀️ @lifetimetv”


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