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Jill Duggar Talks About Her ‘Bedroom Games’

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Fans of the hit TLC show Counting On, know that Jill Duggar and all the females in the Duggar household follow a very strict set of rules. One that the guy in the family don’t follow as religiously as the girls do. The girls aren’t allowed to watch TV or dance, they were only permitted to wear dresses or skirts, etc. That’s why it was so shocking to fans when Jill Duggar spoke up about her intimate life on Instagram.

Jill Duggar speaks out about their bedroom fun

Jill’s Instagram post revealed she and her husband Derick want their marriage to stay “fun”. This means they like to engage in some naughty “bedroom games.” She goes on to promote an app that offers the kinds of games that the two enjoy.

In the caption, she wrote, “Derick and I are always looking for ways to keep marriage exciting and fun. We came across the Intimately Us app – it was something I was excited about just for us to use. ” The Duggar daughter continued promoting the app by writing, “It’s a fun and sexy app, it has tons of bedroom games just to help keep your marriage alive and romantic and we have just loved it.” per KIIS.FM

The haters come to the surface and then are flushed out

Most people on Jill’s page were very supportive and loving to the reality star. But of course, the trolls had to shame her about her post. One person criticized her for even talking openly about such a thing. The commenter wrote: “I’m glad you’re excited about your marriage. I would just warn against putting what you may or may not do in your private time as a husband and wife out in the public eye. Per your recommendation I googled marriage dance and chose not to actually click on it, I didn’t want to accidentally see something I didn’t want to see and have it on my computer to possibly be an open door for temptation later or for my daughter to accidentally come across when she borrows my computer.”

Jill Duggar/Dillard gracefully shuts down any haters

Jill responded, by stating, “Hey! It is a clean site (so no nudity or models), but I totally get wanting to be careful about what your kids are exposed to at young ages! Ours is still little so this isn’t as big of a deal yet for us.”

Jill has always been a little different than the other Duggar girls

 Jill and Derick married in 2014 and have two adorable boys together. She has received push back from fans before for getting too personal. In a candid interview she went on to tell People that she is now on birth control, but growing up she was told that you were to have as many kids as possible. Jill’s thought shifted and she felt that it’s not wrong to do what’s best for her and her family.  Jill has always been more of a free-thinker, moreso than the other females in her strict family.

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