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Bible Study & Bath Time? Jim Bob Duggar Spills On His Waterproof Bible

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have graced us with their television presence for a very long time. (Possibly too long depending on who you ask). The world knows the family for being extremely religious. And, having very strict rules and guidelines for their children. The family often get accused of being far too overbearing and controlling. Some even believe they cross some questionably creepy lines. But, this new one? It might take the cake for creepy crossed lines.

Old interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar resurfaces

The Duggar Snark Subreddit is obsessed with the Duggar family. When there is nothing new going on with the family, the Reddit users will dig deep into the Counting On archives to find something to gab about. And, that is just what they did recently. And, boy, is it a doozy.

A short video clip shared by Reddit users on the Duggar Snark Subreddit reveals an old interview. An interview of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. During the interview, Michelle and Jim Bob are asked about the strangest place they’ve ever hosted a bible study. Michelle Duggar responds. But, doesn’t have much of an answer. In fact, she admits she really isn’t sure.

Jim Bob Duggar, however, does have an answer. And, it might be a bit disturbing.

The Counting On father fesses up to a bath tub bible study session

Without hesitation, Jim Bob Duggar admitted that the strangest place he ever had a bible study was in the bath tub. He proceeded to fess up that the reason he was able to have bible study in the bath tub was because he had a waterproof bible.

Why? Those two are very inappropriate. from DuggarsSnark

Michelle Duggar chimed in again. Simply to confirm her husband does have a waterproof bible. Needless to say, the users of Reddit were shook to their core by this revelation. They certainly seemed to agree a bible study bath time session with daddy had to be crossing some lines. Moreover, they didn’t understand why he would seek out a waterproof bible.

On Reddit, the thread was labeled with a “trigger” warning because of how disturbing some of the users found the information.

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Use Bible Copying To Practice Handwriting

“I’m at a complete loss of words… Like… WHO SPECIFICALLY SEEKS OUT A WATERPROOF BIBLE?!” One individual exclaimed in the comments.

Some suspected Jim Bob Duggar wasn’t talking about a bible or bible study. They suspected he was talking about something a little less “vanilla” that he was doing with his wife in the bath tub.

There were even some who noted how uncomfortable Michelle Duggar looked by the question and the answer.

Are you surprised Jim Bob Duggar has a waterproof bible? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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