How Is Danielle Busby? Fans Beg Adam For Hospitalization Update

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Adam Busby is being badgered by fans for a hospitalization update on Danielle.

OutDaughtered fans received terrifying news a few days ago when we learned Adam Busby rushed his wife Danielle to the ER on November 15th. A few days have passed, but neither Adam nor Danielle have made a post dedicated to a hospitalization update. How is Danielle Busby? What is going on with Danielle Busby? OutDaughtered fans are dying to know.

She seems to be home and doing well.

As we previously reported, the Busby household appears to have returned to business as usual. Adam and Danielle Busby both shared videos of themselves doing puzzles with the girls. Adam shared a short video of himself cooking. The duo even appear to have recently participated in a photoshoot. So, for the moment, fans can rest easy knowing Danielle isn’t still in a hospital bed.

Fans aren’t particularly happy with the lack of hospitalization update.

At the moment, fans are badgering Adam Busby’s Instagram account. The more he posts without dedicating a post to updating on Danielle’s hospitalization… The more frustrated OutDaughtered fans seem to get. Some even recognize they are not entitled to an update or any details. But, the fact that he told them Danielle went to the hospital before leaving them in the dark with no new information… Well, it didn’t really sit well with fans.

Versions of “What about Danielle” and “How is Danielle” are flooding the comment sections of Adam Busby’s recent Instagram posts. Fans are finding the lack of information and updates both frustrating and disappointing.

Adam Busby has answered questions about Danielle in the comments

Now, Adam Busby is just one man. One man with A LOT of little girls he’s responsible. So, it isn’t really possible for him to respond to every “what about Danielle Busby” and “how is Danielle” in his comments. He, however, has responded to variations of the question a couple of different times in his comments.

Adam Busby Instagram comments

Unfortunately, OutDaughtered fans really aren’t getting the Danielle Busby hospitalization update they are looking for. In fact, all Adam Busby is really doing at this point is reassuring fans that Danielle is fine for the moment. Moreover, she seems to be continuing to move forward at home with her family.

Adam Busby Instagram comments Adam Busby Instagram comments
Now, Adam did reassure fans that Danielle Busby was not suffering from or experiencing panic attacks. She did meet with some specialists. And, she has had some tests done. But, they are currently waiting for results to get more answers.

For now, frustrated OutDaughtered fans will have to continue to wait. But, hopefully, Adam Busby will provide a hospitalization update on Danielle when there is something to tell.

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