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’90 Day Fiance’ Why Jenny & Sumit’s Story Makes Fans Yawn

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s story used to compels viewers to watch the show. However, fans feel different about the couple, saying their love story is boring and dull.

They used to be fun to watch but now their story went stale, what happened?

It seems that Sumit and Jenny aren’t any closer to their wedding day. Fans have had doubts about Sumit’s honesty throughout the show. They watched as the two struggle through many highs and lows. Viewers watched as Sumit’s now ex-wife tried to sue for alimony payments. Sumit got out of having to pay his ex any money, but the couple still seemed to have a long road ahead. Weddings are exciting right? Well, it’s getting old, as Screen Rant reports.

Fans say it’s almost like wasumitjenny Instagramtching paint dry

No matter how hard TLC keeps trying to push the couple’s success, it’s coming across as boring. Jenny much older than Sumit and is a grandmother. Sumit does not seem to go out with friends or go anywhere. Turning into an old man before his time by just cooking and chatting all day. Which to fans is as interesting as watching clothes circle in a dryer.

Jenny and Summit got the OK from the lawyer to get married

A big part of the story has been the need for the pair to get married. The law in India is not on their side and is pretty strict. The fact that Sumit’s family wants to make the process even longer than it already is doesn’t help the two. The newest episode gave fans hope that there would be a light at the of the tunnel, as they spoke with a lawyer. The lawyer didn’t see where the family could interfere with the marriage of the two.

Is Sumit ready to marry Jenny? He seems to be making a lot of excuses!

Many TLC fans have said that Sumit isn’t ready to end all ties with his family. And many have stated that he really needs to end his courtship with Jenny permanently. Calling Jenny out for going after a younger man that she couldn’t keep up with or have a family with.

In Sumit’s culture, not having a child is a big issue. When this fact was stated by his parents, he tried to play it off by saying that he didn’t want kids. Viewers aren’t buying it and think he’s saying that to stay in good grace with his grandmother girlfriend.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays on TLC. Will you keep watching Jenny and Sumit’s boring storyline?

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