This Is Us Fans Outraged

‘This Is Us’ Fans Outraged Over Months Long Hiatus

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This Is Us fans are outraged over the show taking a hiatus just four episodes into the new season.

After Tuesday’s episode, viewers of the NBC drama got the bad news. The This Is Us Season 5 episode ended with the announcement the show won’t be back until January.

Fans made their displeasure known on social media after a promo aired. On an Instagram post, followers of the series made it clear how angry they are.

One user went so far as to say they are done watching the drama.

“I think it is ridiculous that the show is not coming back until January 5! So done,” they wrote.

Several other users only posted a two-word question. “January 5th?!”

“January whyyyyyyyyyyy we just started,” another added.

However, there were This Is Us fans who understand the long layoff. Several users responded directly to one negative fan.

“Are you serious? It’s because of covid. Sterling (who plays Randall) explained on Insta. They were not able to film more ripostes (sic) yet because of covid. They did the best they could to get some episodes out,” one wrote.

“Did you forget that a global pandemic happened? I think it’s ridiculous how you think it’s ridiculous lol,” another posted.

‘This Is Us’ Fans Angry About Other Things

The long hiatus isn’t the only thing making the show’s fans angry. The same promo divulging the layoff also showed an unpopular character is making a return.

Teen Kate’s toxic boyfriend Marc will be back when the show airs new episodes. When last we saw Kate’s former beau he was being kicked out of the Pearson family cabin by her brothers.

At one point, Marc went so far as to lock Kate out of that same cabin. The new promo hinted the relationship might not be over.

“I know it’s a flashback, but ughhh we really have to see piece of crap Marc again,” one fan tweeted.

“No this is us until January 5th AND we have to see marc again??? double disappointment #ThisIsUs,” another viewer posted.

Marc’s Short Stay

Outraged This Is Us fans might get a bit of a concession in regards to Kate’s bad boyfriend. The character makes just one appearance in Season 5.

The show’s producer, Ken Olin talked about the character’s reemergence in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. The producer wouldn’t give a ton of details. He did say there’s some surprises planned to tell more of a story about Kate in the 1990s.

Showrunner Dan Fogelman also said there are tons of surprises planned when the show returns in 2021. Not only will Marc and Kate be back, but other questions will be answered.

That may include whether or not Kevin will end up with Madison by the end of This Is Us Season 5.

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