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Tyler Cameron Teases Matt James Season Of ‘The Bachelor,’ Says He’s Seen Him

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Matt James is about to wrap up filming his season of The Bachelor. According to Reality Steve his season will be finished filming before Thanksgiving. And now, Tyler Cameron is basically confirming previous fan speculation that he was at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. He revealed in a new interview that he has recently seen Matt.

Tyler has seen Matt

US Weekly shared what Tyler had to say about Matt’s season. He admits he saw him recently. And, since Matt is still filming this is a pretty good indication Tyler will be making an appearance on his season.

Tyler said, “I saw him recently. No spoilers!”

He admits he was a bit nervous to see him in the leading role. Tyler said Matt had been getting in “sick shape” prior to leaving for filming. He was working hard to be the best version of himself.

Tyler said, “You know he cares about how he’s going to be portrayed and how he’s gonna look [on TV] and so I was like, ‘Are we gonna get robot Matt? Or are we gonna get Matt Matt?’” He continued saying, “Cause I talked to some of the people, like, the stylists [and] just asking everyone about, like ‘How’s Matt?’ And they’re like, ‘Matt’s great. But all he does is eat salads and salmon.’ I’m like, that’s not the Matt I know!”

While he was nervous about their meeting, Tyler said Matt was great. And, he said fans will definitely be getting a full dose of Matt. He said, “He’s gonna have fun, he’s gonna be very vulnerable, he’s gonna open himself up. We’re gonna learn — I’m gonna learn so much about Matt. This is gonna be good, it’ll be good for him.”

He jokes about Matt getting engaged

Tyler already said he’s not giving away any spoilers, but he was speculating what life would be like if Matt pops the question. He said he hopes Matt finds love at the end and gets what he is looking for. He also joked around about their living situation. Remember, Matt and Tyler are roommates in New York.

Tyler said, “I guess I’m gonna have a third roommate now so that’ll be an interesting dynamic you know? Maybe he’ll kick me out. I could see me just getting pushed out [and him saying], ‘Screw you, Tyler. You need to get your s–t together before you come back.’”

Tyler says in all honesty if Matt proposes it may be like he has a mom and dad watching over him.

Tyler jokes about seeing Matt kiss

In all the time these two have been friends, Tyler says he has only seen Matt kiss one girl and it wasn’t pretty. He said, “The one time I saw him — he’s got these big hands, you know? And so his hand was, like, taking up [a lot] of her face kissing her, and I’m like, this just looks weird. I’m hoping Matt moves his hand down a little bit.”

Fans can’t wait to see Matt’s journey as The Bachelor. And, hopefully, Tyler is right and Matt finds the love he desires.

Matt’s season will premiere in January 2021. In the meantime, don’t miss Tayshia Adams as she continues her journey Tuesday nights on ABC.


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