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Joe Exotic’s Husband, Dillon Passage Cited For DWI

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The husband of Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic, Dillon Passage was arrested on two different charges in the middle of the night earlier this week. One of those charges was a driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense.

The arrest occurred outside of Manor, Texas according to online records. The reality star, who was booked three hours after his arrest, was also charged with a resisting arrest search. As of early Tuesday morning, Passage is still being held at the Travis County Jail in Austin, Texas.

When he got the news, the Tiger King took to Instagram to voice his support for Passage. Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage also expressed relief Dillon hurt no one.

“In regards to Dillon’s recent troubles, I am just glad that no one was hurt learning such a lesson that drinking and driving is something to take very seriously,” he wrote. “I love my husband and will be there for him, just as he has been for me. If we all learn something from this, it is not ok to be irresponsible and drink and drive.”

Are Joe Exotic’s Husband’s Problems New?

Unsurprisingly, Passage-Maldonado made the situation about him as well. Later on in the Instagram post, he claimed Dillon didn’t have a drinking problem when Exotic was around.

Joe Exotic Husband DUI

The idea that Dillon didn’t have any issues with substance abuse when Joe was around, flies in the face of the Tiger King Netflix series. That show featured the couple doing several different drugs together.

There are also plenty of fans that wonder whether or not Joe Exotic is any kind of positive influence on anybody. He did after all, send the social media post from prison.

Plenty of Joe’s followers noticed where the post came from and several wondered aloud how he could get access to Instagram. Others pointed out prison has changed. These days, prisoners are able to use the web from behind bars.

One user pointed out inmates get to use cell phones at times. Knowing that, it’s not usual that Joe could lend his digital support to his husband.

Love On The Rocks

One has to wonder whether Joe Exotic’s message was more about his husband, or simply wanting to be out of jail. The couple have reported had romantic problems since the Tiger King’s arrest.

Dillon told members of the media he and Joe have an open marriage. Passage-Maldonado doesn’t much, in prison. Dillon is getting the biggest positive from the supposed open union.

Legal troubles aren’t entirely new for Dillon. He had plenty before his marriage to Joe. The real question now is how severe will the fallout be from the new charges. DWI is bad enough. Resisting Arrest takes everything to a whole different level.

We must wait awhile for Joe Exotic’s husband’s comment on the situation.

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