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‘Good Bones’ Karen E. Laine’s Home Burglarized By Defecating Bandit

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Disturbing HGTV news today as Good Bones star Karen E. Laine confirms her home was recently burglarized by a defecating bandit. Yes, you read that correctly. A defecating bandit. A pooping bandit.

Karen E. Laine feels personally attacked by the defecating bandit.

According to local news outlet WXIN, the HGTV personality does not feel like this was a random burglary. She feels as though it was a personal and deliberate burglary. Unfortunately, this also wasn’t a one-off for the Good Bones star. Her home has now been broken into a grand total of three times. And, the most recent break-in? Well, it happened on her daughter Kelsy Gray’s wedding day (November 7th).

“Last Saturday someone came in, stole more things, and pooped in the garage. It’s sort of an epithet to say ‘I poop on you,'” Karen E. Laine revealed to the local news outlet.

The Good Bones star felt that the defecating bandit was personally attacking her. Why? Well, the individual had broken into her home. Possibly more than once if this was the same person. They had to know where the bathroom in the home was. She believed they could have just used the bathroom during the robbery if they just had to go to the bathroom. Karen felt them defecating in the garage was just one more way to “poop on her” as they exited the home with some of her things.

Indiana native Karen E. Laine created a name for herself when she started a remodeling company called Two Chicks and a Hammer. She started the company with her daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk. Mina also doubles as a defense attorney. And, she has her own practice.

What did they take from the home?

Speaking to WXIN, the Good Bones star reveals they stole her husband Roger’s bike from the garage the first time they broke into the home. This time? They decided to go after her purse instead. According to the local news outlet, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirms the defecating bandit did go on a shopping spree with Karen’s credit card. The crooks reportedly used the credit card a few different times after the most recent break-in.

“It seems very personal and intentional. They know we have a bathroom. That’s what makes it feel personal because it’s not, ‘Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.’ It’s, ‘I’m going to leave my feces behind for you to clean up.'”

The HGTV star believed the crooks picked the wrong house to burglarize

Still speaking to the news outlet, the reality TV personality jested they were messing with the wrong mama. Thus far, she has kept a level head. And, she knows how to handle the situation.

“I found out where my credit cards were used, I got it to law enforcement. I said you need a warrant today to get an address on this. [Investigators were] able to recover video, so we may have people on video.” She explained.

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