Dale Moss and Clare Crawley via Instagram

Dale Moss Sporting Ring, Did He And Clare Crawley Get Married?

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Bachelor Nation is buzzing yet again with rumors and speculation. This time the speculation surrounds newly engaged couple Dale Moss and Clare Crawley. Everyone saw The Bachelorette fall quickly in love with Dale. And, he appeared to do the same. They have started house hunting in Sacramento and she met his family. Now, Dale appears to be sporting some bling on his left ring finger. Did he and Clare run off and get married?

Fans speculate Clare and Dale got married

A photo surfaced on Instagram over the weekend that has fans talking. Dale said he was trading in his sweats for an actual suit. So, at the suit shop he shared a photo in which his hand is showing and he’s wearing a ring on his left ring finger. Fans immediately started commenting on the bling.

Multiple comments surfaced asking him if he and Dale secretly tied the knot. Many simply said I see that ring. Some comments read as follows, ” Ummmm is that a WEDDING RING 😳.” Another said, “Wait is that a wedding ring ?” Someone else chimed in saying, “Did you secretly get married? Wearing a ring already I see. 😍.”

There were many more comments along those lines. Of course, there were also many attempting to debunk the speculation. Some fans suggested perhaps it was a mirror image and not his left hand. Others pointed out a ring he had worn during the season. Let’s talk about that and compare.

The ring that has everyone buzzing

So, Dale did wear a ring on his right hand during his proposal to Clare on the show. The picture everyone is talking about appears to be taken by another person so therefore it does seem to be his left hand and not the right.

If one looks closely, they can see the two rings are very similar. However, the one worn during the proposal appears to be thicker and more silver. Of course, angles and lighting could influence all of that as well. But, they seem to be different rings.

However, does that mean they got married? Of course not.  It’s all speculation at this point. Perhaps he is wearing the ring on his left hand to show the world his intentions to marry Clare. And, he’s wanting to show everyone how committed he remains to just her.

He is currently in New York and she is back home in Sacramento. So, maybe he just wore the ring to show the pouncing ladies he’s taken.

Neither Dale nor Clare have commented on the ring comments yet. Perhaps they will. When Clare was sporting her commitment ring to herself, she shared a post explaining it to stop the rumors.

If there is any truth to the rumors no doubt fans will find out soon. It is 2020 so basically anything seems possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

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