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‘Lucifer’s’ Tom Ellis Making Major Move That Could Affect Career

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Lucifer star Tom Ellis is soon making a major move. This could certainly affect his career and what he does after the Netflix series is over.

Tom Ellis Plans Major Move

Sometime in 2021, Tom Ellis, and his wife, screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer, are moving to New York City, leaving Hollywood. This is a major change for the Lucifer actor, who has been in Los Angeles for the better part of a decade.

On November 9, Oppenheimer went to Twitter to share that news. ” God I miss New York. Words cannot express how excited I am to move back soon.” Early in Meaghan’s career, the Oklahoma native moved to NYC. 

Lucifan @deckerstarfanz asked, “So will Tom be going with you? I mean he has his shoots right.. So are you moving there alone?” Sounds like this fan was concerned about Ellis completing Lucifer Season 6. 

The Queen America creator assured the concerned fan that her husband was, indeed moving east with her. “Of course we will be moving there together. This will be next year, not immediately. With the pandemic I’m too scared to even go to to the grocery store, let alone move across country.”

After a flurry of messages and questions asking why they would make such a drastic move, Meaghan posted, “Because it’s the greatest city in the world and we need a change of scenery. Also, I have a couple projects set there.”
This is clearly a great move for both husband and wife. A move to NYC will certainly allow them to shake things up and try something new.
But, before Ellis can move on, he has an important job to finish, But, how soon until they are done filming Lucifer Season 6?

When Does Lucifer Season 6 Filming Finish?

Currently, Lucifer Season 6 is filming. But, already, the Netflix series has begun to shut down. For example, the Lucifer writer’s room shared a photo on Twitter of their last day. That was on October 29. When will Tom Ellis be done filming his last scenes?

Right now, we know that Tom Ellis and the rest of the Lucifer cast and crew started production in September. Their first order of business was to finish the final episode of Season 5. That was originally slated to be the final series episode.

That has been accomplished, and they went right into filming the new Season 6 episodes. There will be 10 episodes. Moreover, unlike Season 5, they have really kept details hushed up.

We don’t know how soon they will complete filming. We can assume that they are aiming to complete production before 2020 ends. But, with Covid filming precautions, it just may take longer to make this happen.

Meanwhile, fans can hope that Netflix will release the second part of Lucifer Season 5 in early 2021.

What Is Next For Tom Ellis?

Tom Ellis has made it clear that after Lucifer is done, he wants to do something new. Earlier in the year, he told Da Man that he “trained in theatre.” He would love to go back. If he is living in New York City, Lucifans could certainly see Ellis on the stage.

Also Ellis would love to work in film. The Welsh-born actor has a laundry list of directors that he would like to work with. They include directors from Danny Boyle, or Ava DuVernay, to Kenneth Branagh.

Of course, it is no secret Tom Ellis has dreamed of playing James Bond. Currently, they have not announced a replacement for Daniel Craig. Maybe a move to New York City will get the attention, and the roles, that Ellis deserves?

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  1. Someone needs to pick up Tom Ellis!! If not as James Bond which he would be incredible then maybe as a leading man for Hallmark? My friends and myself would follow him anywhere!

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