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Exclusive Interview: Josh Seiter Talks Yolanda, OnlyFans and More

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Josh Seiter of The Bachelorette is now engaged to Yolanda Leak of 90 Day FianceTV Shows Ace got the chance to talk to him exclusively about his relationship, OnlyFans and more.

Josh Seiter interview

How did you meet Yolanda?

“I met Yolanda on the Vegas strip in August while I was out celebrating my 33rd birthday. It was pure chance that I just happened to be at the same crosswalk as her and we struck up a conversation. Unfortunately, I had to fly home shortly after that, but luckily I had asked for her social media before parting ways and we stayed in contact. The rest is history.”
How are you two doing?
“We are doing great! We recently got engaged, and are currently doing the long-distance thing, which is becoming a lot more common in this post-covid world. It’s not easy, but it works well for both of us, especially given the fact we both have homes and families in other states. She’s mature and realistic about it, as am I. It helps when both people approach it from a pragmatic viewpoint. I will visit her at the end of this month and plan to every month after that, until we can be together more permanently.”
What made you get the tattoo?

“I feel like 2020 taught me a lot.  Namely, that if anything’s certain, it’s that life is short, and we should live in the moment and appreciate the people closest to us. Regardless of what happens between us 30 years from now, I will cherish this tattoo and what it represents and symbolizes right now. It’s a reminder of this relationship, this crazy year, and my new outlook on life. Haters will hate I’m sure. They already are on social media. But it doesn’t bother me. This tattoo was for me and Yolanda, and no one else. Their opinion About this, Just like their opinion about her age, is irrelevant to me.”

Are you glad you did The Bachelorette?

“I’m glad I did The Bachelorette because it helped me see that I didn’t want my story, my spouse, or my life controlled by producers. That’s why I decided to build my own brand on social media, because I have full artistic control over my image and how I portray myself. So for that reason, I’m grateful for the learning experience. Likewise, I want to be able to decide who I fall in love with, and not have that choice dictated by a network. I didn’t find Kaitlyn Bristowe attractive at all. She had the curves of an ironing board, drank constantly, and was generally loud and abrasive. The current Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams, is much more my type.  Poised. Beautiful. Curvy. charismatic. But again, you don’t get to decide who the woman is you compete for, the network does.”

What are you up to now?

“Currently I invest. I made over $250,000 just from my onlyfans in the last two years, and I invested most of it in the market when it bottomed out in March due to the panic over corona. Because of the timing of my investment, it has paid off rather handsomely. I also continue to collaborate with clothing companies on Instagram that feature my own line of clothing.

All my fans have found me on my Instagram @josh_seiter_official”

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