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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Kim Plath Obsesses Over Micah, Moriah, & Sex

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Welcome To Plathville viewers everywhere cringed when Kim Plath quickly became obsessed with discussing the topic of sex with Micah and Moriah. The topic of conversation came up as they discussed their “worldly activities.” Kim Plath responded by reminding Moriah she shouldn’t “ruin herself” before she find that special someone.

Fans of Welcome To Plathville don’t dislike Moriah.

Now, fans of the TLC series aren’t out to get Moriah Plath. They don’t want her to have bad relationships or horrible intimate encounters. But, does that mean Kim Plath approached the topic in the right manner? We aren’t really sure. In fact, some fans of the series found her obsession with sex to be a little cringey. Moreover, fans can’t help but wonder if Kim Plath is putting too much pressure on Moriah when it comes to sex.

Is Kim Plath obsessed with sex?

Now, it goes without saying that there is nothing wrong with waiting until marriage to be intimate with something. It is a choice some make on their own. However, the issue people are having, is the way Kim Plath (and other fundie parents) approach the topic of conversation. Some offer their children information that isn’t accurate to scare them.

On the other side of the spectrum, far from fundie views… There are some viewers of the show who believe waiting until marriage is a mistake. Why? Most people don’t have a magical experience the first time they are intimate. And, some believe getting it out of the way before marriage is healthy.

Regardless, there is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether to wait till marriage. And, in today’s society, it is something more and more people aren’t doing.

Moriah has split from the family.

Between Kim Plath’s obsession with sex. And, her aggressive attempt to control her children… Moriah Plath has split. And, Micah went with her. According to The List, the reasoning for their decision to leave was simple. They couldn’t take the overbearing rules of their fundie parents anymore. They were suffocating. 

“My parents were … protecting me from the outside world. They tried to control, like, literally everything — what we ate, what we wore.” Moriah Plath explained.

Moriah admitted one of the big problems with her mother’s strict rules is they’ve resulted in her feeling like an “outsider” in the real world. And, as we know from watching fundie parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar… The strict rules can hinder properly preparing children for the real world.

Do you think Kim Plath is obsessed with sex? Do you think this obsession played a role in driving Moriah and Micah away? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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