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Tayshia Adams Admits Contestants Were Told She Didn’t Want A ‘Bachelorette’ Engagement

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Fans saw Clare Crawley walk in and fall in love almost instantly with Dale Moss. Tayshia Adams made her debut as The Bachelorette when the season was already underway. She had 16 men from Clare’s season and 4 production brought in just for her. So, she had 20 men to choose from. But, Tayshia admits she told the contestants she probably wasn’t going to be ready for a proposal. Why did she feel this way?

Tayshia wasnt’ looking for a television engagement

US Weekly shared what Tayshia had to say about the possibility of getting engaged on the show. Tayshia went on the Bachelor Happy Hour to share some thoughts on her season. She said she told them she didn’t think an engagement at the final rose ceremony was in her future. She felt like she might just leave the show with a new boyfriend. Tayshia went on to say the men all understood. They reassured her they weren’t going to put any pressure on her.

She also said she was following her heart and didn’t feel any pressure. Tayshia was just trying to live the journey how she wanted to. She knew she didn’t have to find a husband right now and could do things her way.

And, the reason was simply she wasn’t going to put that kind of pressure on herself. Many wonder if it’s because she came into the process late. Tayshia says no. She feels she did have enough time with the men.

She said, “I feel like the guys really showed who they were and what they had to offer and I did the same. When you know you know, I think. Either you have an attraction to someone or you don’t and I feel like that’s what I kept leaning into. I don’t really think I had too short of a time. That was a fear that I had.”

What happened when production called

In this particular interview, Tayshia said producers wanted her in Palm Springs the same day they called. She said she needed 48 hours to really make sure it was what she wanted. Plus, she wanted to talk to her parents about it all. She said, “The way I was entering the Bachelorette space was very unconventional, very true to 2020. But I was taking on a little more [time,] I think, than previous Bachelorettes have in the sense that there was somebody before me and I was gonna ask the guys to not only remove themselves from that headspace, but then take me on and see if they were willing to be open.”

And, Tayshia doesn’t regret a thing. She believes everything happens for a reason. She said “As crazy as it sounds, I think this introduction to being the Bachelorette was the best way possible for me. Sure, it would’ve been fun to have been announced the way everybody else has and all that kind of stuff, but I think the way that I entered and I met all of these guys was perfect.”

She went on to say she’s glad she didn’t have more time to prepare. If she would have she admits she probably would have researched the men like Clare did. But, instead, she went into the process and gave it her all.

Don’t miss Tayshia continue her journey to find love on The Bachelorette Tuesday nights on ABC.

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