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Chase Chrisley Responds To Engagement Rumors, Is It True?

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Chase Chrisley is finally speaking out on the engagement rumors swirling.

It was at the beginning of this month that fans started speculating Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders got engaged. Why? Well, they believe they saw what looked like an engagement ring on her finger. And, the ring was showing up in a lot of photos. Had Chase popped the question? If so, why were they keeping it under wraps? Would the engagement be revealed during the second part of Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best? Thus, engagement rumors began to swirl.

Chrisley Knows Best fans are in love with this couple.

Now, if the engagement rumors were true… Chrisley Knows Best fans would be here for it. After all, they are in love with this couple. They love seeing how much Chase has matured recently. They think he looks much more adult in his photos. And, they believe Emmy is absolutely beautiful.

Fans of the reality TV family have noted Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders would make beautiful babies. And, a pre-marriage baby is a possibility. After all, Chase did tell Nanny Faye you didn’t have to be married to be intimate with someone. Moreover, fans have long suspected Chase Chrisley to be the player of the family.

Likewise, fans have also pointed out that Emmy Medders looks like a younger version of Julie. And, they do not mean this in a creepy way. In fact, it is extremely common for someone to settle down with someone who resembles their mother. Fans suspect this could be “the one” because of how much she reminds them of Julie Chrisley.

Chase Chrisley responds to the swirling engagement rumors.

Fortunately, we don’t have to live in a cloud of mystery. Chase Chrisley has responded to the engagement rumors swirling about him and Emmy Medders. Life & Style Magazine reveals Chase Chrisley has shut down the engagement rumors. Unfortunately for those ready to celebrate, the lovebirds are NOT engaged right now.

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Chase Chrisley proceeded to tell the publication the topic of marriage has been discussed. But, he’s not ready to “pull the trigger” just yet. So, what about the ring? Well, he explained that too. Turns out, it wasn’t an engagement ring at all. In fact, the ring really had nothing to do with Chase.

Emmy Medders is wearing her grandmother’s ring. Chrisley Knows Best fans just suspected something more, ran with it, and engagement rumors swirled.

Bummer, right? Here’s hoping the next time engagement rumors about Chase Chrisley swirl they might be true!

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