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Which ‘Bachelorette’ Knew Early On Who ‘The One’ Was Besides Clare Crawley

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It was the fastest love story in Bachelor history when Clare Crawley fell for Dale Moss. She decided he was the one pretty much on night one, but officially left with Dale only twelve days into her season. She said when you know you know. And, according to one ABC exec Clare wasn’t the only Bachelorette to have a gut feeling early on she’d met her match.

Clare wasn’t the only one to know who she wanted early on

ABC executive Robert Mills spoke with Variety about Clare and Tayshia Adams current season. He said the situation was definitely not premeditated. Mills said they knew pretty early on that they may need to do something different since Clare was so smitten with Dale. It was when she didn’t give out a group date rose they knew they probably should make the call to Tayshia. Of course, fans saw Chris Harrison have a talk with Clare to find out what she wanted. She admitted she couldn’t think of anything else but Dale.

This was a historical moment and a first to have the lead leave mid-season. However, there was one other Bachelorette who fell for someone fast. It was JoJo Fletcher. Mills said, “We knew on JoJo [Fletcher]’s season that her person clearly was Jordan [Rodgers]. And she definitely knew with Jordan, but she wasn’t ready to stop the show. She definitely had feelings for a lot of these other guys, and there were some great guys, so I don’t think she was ready until the end. But if she — or anyone else — had said that, I think we have to listen to that. Clare essentially said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ so how could we not listen to her? She said, ‘When I’m with other guys, all I think about is Dale.'”

They are living their best life

Since leaving the show, Dale and Clare are living their best life. He toured Sacramento with her and then she went to South Dakota with him. They appear very happy and excited about their future together.

Now, it’s Tayshia’s turn to try and find the love of her life. While she hasn’t admitted if she is still with her final rose recipient, she did admit she fell for multiple men during her season.

Tuesday night fans will see her journey begin. Will she be able to find what she’s been looking for? Stay tuned and don’t miss The Bachelorette on ABC.

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