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Mykelti Brown Uses Unborn Baby For Cash, Teases Name Reveal

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Mykelti Brown of Sister Wives is already learning one of the perks to having a baby as a reality TV star is the money making potential. And, she’s ready to cash in on her unborn child. What exactly is the Sister Wives star doing to use an unborn child to earn cash? Well, it has to do with teasing a name reveal. Keep reading for the scoop.

Mykelti Brown pushes sales by teasing baby name reveal

It was just a couple months ago that Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron swore they were not pregnant. Then, a month later they were announcing a pregnancy confirmation. Sister Wives fans know they are expecting a baby girl. And, they know the baby girl is due in March. Likewise, some are now thinking she might be carrying twins or triplets because of the size of her baby bump. That being said, Mykelti Brown is referring to the unborn child as her baby and her baby girl. This implies a single child. Not twins.

Mykelti Brown of Sister Wives has decided to use her unborn child to push sales. Like several other members of the Sister Wives family, Mykelti sells LuLaRoe. And, she decided to use her unborn baby to push the sales of her pieces recently.

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As you can see from the screenshot above, Mykelti Brown teased a baby name reveal. And, what did her followers have to do? Well, they just had to purchase 70 (or more) pieces of clothing from her that day. Presently, it does not appear as if Mykelti Brown has released the baby name she teased. Likewise, we aren’t even sure if she can legally reveal her baby name.

TLC might own the rights to revealing it

Sister Wives fans speculate the next season of the TLC series will focus heavily on Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron getting pregnant and giving birth. So, it would make sense for TLC to reserve the rights to reveal the baby name. It is possible Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron have signed a contract barring them from revealing the name.


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Still, Mykelti Brown had a lot of customers ready to spend money to get the baby name revealed. One person joked they would purchase all 70 pieces. Some, however, were suspicious of the offer. They questioned if she had TLC or her family’s permission to reveal the name like that.

Do you think it is strange that she’s already using her unborn baby for cash? Sound off in the comments with what you think her baby name is.

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