Stranger Thigns Season 4 Hellfire Club

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: What Is The Hellfire Club?

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New set photos from Stranger Things Season 4 show the rise of a new group in Hawkins. Just what it means for the upcoming season is still anyone’s guess.

Production of the upcoming season halted back in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Shooting is now officially back underway.

There was a time when fans thought the fourth season would see some departures. David Harbour’s character was briefly thought dead after Season 3’s conclusion. However, it’s clear now everyone is coming back. There are some new additions.

The primary group includes newly introduced Robin, played by Maya Hawke. Besides the main cast, Lucas’ sister, Priah Ferguson is now a series regular.

Harbour’s return may no longer be a question, but that doesn’t mean Stranger Things Season 4 isn’t full of them. Among them is just what the Hellfire Club is and what role it will play in the story.

The new series of images shows the logo for the Hellfire Club. It also shows we’re going to find out just what the club is and why it’s in Season 4 pretty quickly. Alongside the logo is the apparent script for the first episode, which carries the same name.

‘Stranger Things’ And HFC

The logo shows underneath stylized text of the name of the club. The picture also shows polyhedral dice. There’s some speculation this means it somehow relates the Hellfire Club to Dungeons and Dragons.

Those familiar with the Netflix original are well aware Dungeons and Dragons is at the center of Stranger Things‘ story. It’s how our intrepid group of kids dealt with what was happening in their hometown while monsters prowled the streets.

In another set photo, Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, is shown sporting a Hellfire Club t-shirt. Yet another pic has him sporting a flag for the group.

There are a couple of things we can posit from the latest Stranger Things hints. Chief among those is that Dustin appears to be linked to the group. The caption in the third photo jokes about him running for President. It’s possible this is more foreshadowing than a simple joke.

Changes In Hawkins

Stranger Things Season 3 saw the main group of friends starting to grow apart, little by little. Dustin began the season returning from summer camp and not really meshing well with his old friends.

Dungeons and Dragons no longer had the importance it once did to any of our heroes. Could the Hellfire Club be the maturation of Dustin’s friendship with people outside the core friends? Maybe it will be used to introduce more new characters.

It’s also possible Dustin is the only one in the Hellfire Club pictures because he’s the only member. The only thing known at this point is we’re almost certainly going to find out more about this Stranger Things Season 4 addition in the near future.

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