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Tayshia Adams Teases CVS Was Reason She Showed Up Late on ‘Bachelorette’

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Tayshia Adams is now The Bachelorette and Clare Crawley is going home with Dale Moss. It turns out that she is now blaming CVS for the reason that she was late for the show. Clare Crawley started out the season trying to find love.

Tayshia Adams shares her CVS story

Tayshia Adams is teasing about how CVS is her reason for being late. She was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and while she was there Tayshia spoke out. This was her first big television appearance after it was revealed she was taking over. Here is what Tayshia Adams had to say about how soon they wanted her there.

“If it was up to them, within an hour or two,. But I was like, No, I haven’t put on makeup in literally three months. I need to go to CVS. I’m going to be kissing boys; I need a toothbrush and mouthwash. There were some things I needed to go get, so I left within 48 hours or so.”

That is still pretty soon to leave and become The Bachelorette. She didn’t care, though. It was a huge leap of faith and she went for it.

Tayshia talks excitement of this big change

This was really exciting for Tayshia. She took a leap of faith and is glad she did it. Here is what she shared.

“As soon as I got the phone call, I said I had to do three things. No. 1, I have to go run a mile because I just ate two doughnuts. No. 2, I had to scream into a pillow because what the hell just happened. And No. 3, I have to call my mom. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Some of Clare Crawley’s guys stuck around to try to find love with Tayshia. They may end up moving on, though. They will get to know Tayshia and then decide. ABC also shared that they are going to bring a few new guys in for her. It looks like two girls may end up getting their happy ending before the season is over. It would be great to get to see two love stories.

They have already picked The Bachelor for next season. Matt James is already filming and hopefully about to find love as well.

Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on ABC on Tuesday nights. This week was on a different night due to the election. Hopefully, it won’t end up changing up once again.

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