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Adam Busby Urges Fans To ‘Start Loving And Stop Judging’

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Adam and Danielle Busby have caught a lot of heat for celebrating Halloween with their girls this year. Several OutDaughtered fans have insisted it wasn’t very Christian of them to celebrate Halloween. Adam Busby, however, has fired back that his fans are making too big of a deal out of Halloween. And, that the holiday isn’t that deep.

Adam Busby encourages judgmental follower to get it under control

In the comments of Adam Busby’s post showing off the entire OutDaughtered family decked out for the Halloween was a very negative and judgmental comment. A comment that took issue with the family celebrating Halloween. The individual insisted it was “not good” of the family to embrace this holiday.

“We as believers celebrate life not death! Not acceptable! The Church needs to wake up. There is so much on this day.” The individual penned. The comment was liked over two dozen comments. So, this wasn’t the only follower that didn’t like the Halloween celebration.

Adam Busby, however, wasn’t interested in discussing whether celebrating Halloween was right or wrong. He, and many of his supporters who also responded to the comment, took issue with the judgmental nature of it. Some of his other followers pointed out it also wasn’t very Christian of the individual to pass judgment. Since when was it their place to decide what Adam and his family could and couldn’t do?

The reality TV dad clarifies Halloween is a simply holiday.

In the screenshot below, you can see Adam Busby doesn’t hesitate to fire back at the individual. Adam described Halloween as an “innocent thing.” A thing involving his children dressing up. Dressing up and getting some free candy. Was that really so wrong? Was that so horrible? Adam certainly didn’t seem to think so.

“You are letting religion be your god. Start loving and stop judging.” Adam demanded toward the end of his response.

Adam Busby Instagram

Now, Adam Busby’s response had over 800 likes. So, there were clearly a lot of people who agreed with what he had to say. Many didn’t stop at liking the comment. They also responded to it.

One individual noted it was ironic that the individual was so judgmental because that was also a sin. They added the troll should consider reading the bible again before leaving this type of comment.

One individual noted that their husband was a pastor and they often got the same type of judgmental comments from people. They agreed it was a shame children can’t just enjoy dressing up and getting candy. Why do people have to put so much meaning behind it?

So, do you think Adam Busby is right? Or, do you think the OutDaughtered family should not celebrate Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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