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‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: How Will The ‘Men Tell All’ Special Be Handled?

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There have been so many changes to this season of The Bachelorette due to the ongoing pandemic. The entire season has been filmed in one location at the La Quinta Resort & Spa. Clare Crawley started off as the lead, but quickly fell in love with Dale Moss. Much to fans delight, Tayshia Adams was brought in to replace her. Tonight fans will get to see all of that transpire. However, one thing that has been brought into question is what will happen to the Men Tell All Special. 

How will Clare and Tayshia’s Men Tell All Bachelorette Special happen?

Reality Steve went to his blog to share what he knows about the upcoming special. He said there will for sure be a Men Tell All special. What has Steve baffled is why they are filming it all so early. According to Steve, they are filming the special during the first week of November. He gave two reasons why this is baffling to him.

Steve said, “Which I scratch my head at for two reasons: 1) We’d only be one episode into Tayshia’s season at that point and BARELY into her season at that.  2) All the crew is in PA filming Matt’s season. They use the same crew to film all production of this show, so a split crew didn’t make sense. Nor did stopping Matt’s filming (since they’d have to fly and quarantine) before flying back.”

He continues on saying, “Maybe they’re filming the Men Tell All at Nemacolin so the only people that need to quarantine are the guys, since crew is already there and being tested constantly. That makes the most sense. But the guys definitely left this week to film the MTA. You can see it on some of their IG stories.”

Why will it film so early?

Steve goes on to speculate about Clare and Tayshia’s Men Tell All. He says he can’t figure out why they would be filming the show over a month before the finale airs on television. Steve can’t understand how they can have a true special if the guys have not seen the remaining 6 or 7 episodes. He thinks perhaps they allowed the men to watch early.

Regardless he thinks it’s all very bizarre. He said, “And if you’re thinking, “Well they’re just filming a ‘Clare MTA’ now, and they’ll do Tayshia’s later,” no, that’s not happening. There’s one MTA this season and it’s being filmed soon. I just don’t know where, why, or how. So I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find out more.”

And, if you’ve not heard the spoilers yet, Clare will make her big exit tonight. Then, Tayshia will be introduced to the remaining men as the new Bachelorette. Will she find love? Stay tuned to find out.


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