‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Will Kevin End Up With Madison Or Not?

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At first, many fans couldn’t accept the possibility of Madison as Kevin’s future fiancé. However, most are now coming around to the idea. This Is Us fans will remember last week when he referred to Madison as his fiancé to Kate Pearson. Later, Kevin even confessed his feelings to Randall Pearson. He told Randall that he may have found someone really special. Is Kevin truly serious about this relationship?

This is Us and Kevin’s love life

All along, it hasn’t truly been clear if Kevin still has feelings for his former wife, Sophie. Fans wonder if Sophie might make a comeback this season. Does Kevin deserve to be with her, despite their complicated past? Or is Madison truly the right girl for him?

The official This Is Us Twitter account has been teasing the relationship and asking fans for their theories. They tweeted, “Alright, Kevin and Madison stans. Where you at?”

The tweet drew a multitude of reactions from fans, some saying the idea is good, while others think it’s truly bad. On the plus side, one fan wrote, “I don’t really have theories.” They wrote they need to watch Kevin and Madison fall in love during quarantine and get married. The fan added, “[please] they are so beautiful and so similar and so meant to be.”

Another wrote they would love to see Kevin and Madison’s storyline go a little deeper. As it is only two episodes in, it feels forced to them. The fan wrote, “There’s NO chemistry,” but they want to see Kevin woo Madison. They want them to fall in love.

Kevin and Madison of This is Us
Kevin and Madison of This is Us [Image @nbcthisisus/Instagram]

Scared for Kevin and Madison

On another tweet, a fan wrote, “I’m not anti-Madison.” However, they are still trying to wrap their mind around the idea of Kevin and Madison. Another fan wrote they love Madison and Kevin so much, but it is This is Us after all, so they are scared for them. “We saw Kevin in the future with the kids, but… what if Madison isn’t there? What if she dies giving birth and he’s actually married to someone else? I’m SCARED.”

Meaww quotes an interview with Deadline, where Dan Fogelman had said this season is set around “births and rebirths.” He said Kevin and Madison’s parenthood would be a major path towards strengthening their bond.

Fogelman said it isn’t going to be an easy love story like some of the others have been. According to Dan, there is chemistry there and affection. However, so far, they don’t really know each other. He said it is fair to say the couple has an “up-and-down” journey ahead of them. Fogelman added, “There are many more chapters in Kevin’s romantic story.” Now there is something to keep fans wondering!

Justin Hartley on Kevin and Madison

Justin Hartley told Entertainment Weekly, “There’s a plan in one’s head about how to go about something.” He said this is a big thing, with babies coming into your life. However, he said whatever the plan is, the reality will change things. Justin mentioned how relationships evolve in a way you don’t expect. He said they are definitely going to have some moments that “are very personal.”

Hartley went on to say that Kevin has “slowed down a bit.” He is safer, more methodical and more practical about things. Justin said his character takes more care, not only of himself but of others. He added he hopes Kevin gets what he wants. At this stage, it seems he wants a woman that loves him and kids.

The first episode of Season 5 debuted on October 27. Fans can catch further episodes of This Is Us November 10 on NBC at 9 pm ET.

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