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‘The Family Chantel’: Hysterical Family Drama Is ‘Normal’ Says Chantel

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The Family Chantel returned for a second season, which surprised some TLC fans. After all, the over-the-top drama seemed ridiculously manufactured. And, many people hated the tension and ugly aspects of how the show represented American family values. But, it came back, and surprisingly, Chantel seems to think that sort of drama’s just “normal.”

The Family Chantel ‘cringe-worthy and uncultured’

The Family Chantel which arrived as a spinoff from 90 Day Fiance brought the over-the-top dysfunctional family to our screens. They live in Atlanta and hated Chantel’s guy Pedro. Naturally, that made his family hostile and huge fights involved his sister and Chantel’s mom. We noted that many fans felt the aggression seemed terribly “cringe-worthy and uncultured.” And, some people th0ught it must surely be scripted.

In the new season of The Family Chantel, attention turns to Chantel’s brother Royal, who married Angenette. Despite her family putting her through pure hell over Pedro. Chantel joins in when the family attacks on Angenette and her family. Actually, things get really very ugly once again. Can this aggressive and ugly scenario really play out in real life?

Pedro’s wife thinks everyone goes through dramas like her family, calls it normal

Pedro and Chantel talked with AP. She actually said that she thinks everyone has these dramas. And, she noted that if you “follow anyone around, you’ll see these ups and downs.” Interestingly, she used the word “ups.” So far, TLC fans saw next to nothing of that. Meanwhile, Pedro says “every family has little problems, little things.” Well, for most people, their dramas seem a long way from “little.”

Recall, at one stage, fans saw Chantel’s mom, Karen, storm into Pedro’s house brandishing a stun gun. But, according to Chantel, when the family “goes to the next level of drama,” it’s “90 percent” because of Pedro. But, for most viewers of The Family Chantel, they see the drama comes from Chantel’s family. And, it’s anything but “normal.”

Fans discuss dysfunctional family on social media

Judging by horrified fans on Twitter, many Americans think that the Chantel family puts family values in a very poor light. One person commented, “Whole damn family is judgmental and contradictory.”

And, another one noted, “Am I the only one that can’t stand the way Karen and the family treats Pedro? Karen needs to get over her bs. If I were Chantel I’d cut ties with my family until they treated my husband the way they treat all the other significant others that come and go!”

That they seem to differ from “normal” on The Family Chantel comes out in this tweet: “#TheFamilyChantel doesn’t care how they destroy relationships to be on tv! First, Pedro, then Jaa, now Anjanette.[sic] Next year it will be River. How disgusting.”

What do you  think about Chantel suggesting the drama you see on TV is just “normal?” Is that over-the-top hysteria and drama “normal” in your family? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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