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’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrot Slaps At Tom Brooks For Vote Trump Post

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90 Day Fiance star Rebecca seems mighty upset with Tom Brooks who shared about why he thinks people should vote Trump. Bear in mind, that she openly said who she voted for. And in the comments of one of her own posts, she said she chose Biden. Now, she slapped at Tom Brooks because he suggested people vote for Trump.

90 Day Fiance star Tom Brooks shares about voting for Trump

Tom Brooks, as fans of TLC know, lives in the UK. At least for now. Speculation arose that he might film more on the franchise following his toxic split from Darcey. But for now, it’s unlikely that he votes in the USA elections. Nevertheless, he shared his thoughts on it with his fans on Monday, November 2. As you can imagine, plenty of people stepped up and spoke about it.

In his post, Tom shared a photo of Trump kissing the Stars & Stripes. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s caption read, “tomorrow you get to choose!!” Then he added, “Between 1984 and 1776 millions…fought and died to protect freedom.” And, he felt people should “honor their sacrifice by voting.” Next, he wrote, “The election is not about Biden v Trump it is Chaos v Order.”

‘The final referendum on survival’ – Rebecca Parrot slaps back

Sounding a dire warning, Tom ended with, “It is a final referendum on your nations survival, the perception of Right v Wrong…Vote @realdonaldtrump.” Plus, he used the hashtag “#firefauci.” That annoyed people as well. One fan wrote, “It’s funny you say fire Fauci because he’s the only one who’s been telling us the truth.” And another one slammed Tom noting, “have fun siding with the kkk and the nazis tom!” Of course, that started an argument about who started the KKK and the Trumpers took the win.

Anyway, apart from that, Rebecca from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way also slapped at Tom. She wrote, “Ohhhh no!!! Please not you 😞😞😞.” Meanwhile, Geoffrey Paschel also commented. He wrote, “Jeez, you got into a lot of people’s feels here!” And later in the comments, he told someone who felt Tom should shut up, “you do realize that the potus affects UK and Canada right? Not to mention the rest of the world…”

90 Day Fiance Tom Brooks on Trump

Geoffrey Paschel from 90 Day Fiance gets slammed as well

Anything to do with the elections this year brings out feelings of anger and bitterness from people. Of course, lots of people said they liked Tom before but now they unfollow him. Actually, it becomes very common in the USA for people to judge others on their political beliefs. And, Geoffrey caught some heat. He wrote, “The political mentality is so contentious here, especially to announce one way or another. Glad you’re real to yourself and not afraid to say it. Stir it!”

But Geoffrey toughed it out and survived the trolls on Tom Brook’s post. Probably, in time, everyone settles down once the election is over. Hopefully, fans can all just get back to enjoying 90 Day Fiancé without slamming everyone else every five seconds.

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