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‘The Young And The Restless:’ Can Devon Forgive Nate For Sleeping With Elena?

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The chemistry between two people can lead to all kinds of trouble. This is the case with The Young and the Restless stars Devon, Nate and Elena.

Nate (Sean Dominic) has made his feelings clear for Elena (Brytni Sarpy). However, can Devon find his way clear to forgive Nate for sleeping with his girlfriend? Elena is completely innocent in the whole thing. Even Lily (Christel Khalil) sort of agrees. However, how to Y&R fans feel about this complicated storyline?

The Young and the Restless: Devon vs. Nate

After Devon found out Nate has slept with his girlfriend, Elena, he was pretty mad. At this stage, he holds both of them equally responsible for their actions. Soap Hub polled fans to find out their feelings over the situation. They were asked if they feel sorry for Nate over this.

According to the poll, 65 percent of fans say Nate betrayed Devon and that he should not be forgiven for that. Nate should have seriously thought about what he was doing to his cousin before he did what he did. The fact that he and Elena decided to have intimate relations in a room where a child had just almost died was shocking enough. Surely Devon should be everyone’s first priority.

Has Nate forgotten what Devon has been through?

Nate seems to have forgotten the fact that Devon has suffered a great loss when Hilary (Mishael Morgan) passed away. Admittedly, Nate is almost in the same boat as Devon, with a dead fiancé behind him. Presumably, he didn’t cheat on her while she was married to his father. However, his pain just doesn’t compare to what Devon is feeling. Let’s face it, Nate has deeply hurt Devon and this is unforgivable.

Around 35 percent of fans in the poll said Nate wasn’t thinking of Devon at the time. But then, neither was Elena. As she is in a live-in relationship with Devon, surely she is the person who is actually doing the cheating. On Nate’s side, his relationship with Amanda is much more casual.

Nate’s feelings for Elena

As fans know well, Nate has been falling in love with Elena for a number of weeks now. While having intimate relations with Elena, he wasn’t exactly thinking of hurting his cousin. Nate was thinking about the fact they were doing this in a room where a child almost died. Nate is family and not everything is about Devon – others have their own feelings too.

Fans feel sorry that Nate got caught up in Elena’s problems, including her problems with her relationship with Devon. He has apologized for what he has done and has even been punched, but he is still gracious over the situation. Maybe fans should cut Nate a break, as he truly can’t help his feelings?

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