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Jill Dillard Slammed For Sniffing Candles Amid Pandemic Without Mask

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Derick and Jill Dillard recently went on a cheap date night to Walmart. And, chances are pretty good this is the kind of cheap date venture a lot of people can find relatable.

Walmart used to be an ideal cheap date spot.

Once upon a time, Walmart was an ideal spot for a cheap date. Stores across the U.S. were open 24 hours. You could bring your date, walk around, and look at all sorts of things. As long as you didn’t go on a shopping spree, you could get out without spending much money. On TikTok, some couples even liked to make games out of going to Walmart. They would walk down aisles and pick snacks, beverages, and a movie without looking at what they were selecting. For a person without money, going to Walmart and walking around with someone you cared about just made sense.

Today? Well, today the pandemic presents a problem. You risk getting sick every time you go to the store. Sounds romantic, right? Not really.

So, whether or not fans agreed with Derick and Jill Dillard going to Walmart for a cheap date night… It is certainly something we can all relate to.

Derick and Jill Dillard documented their date night, followers were unimpressed.

Now, if Jill and Derick Dillard just went on their date night to Walmart without documenting so much of it on Instagram… They would not be catching so much heat right now. Sure, there are some people who just don’t understand going to Walmart during a pandemic as an ideal date night. But, the real issue? What really got under everyone’s skin? Well, it is some of the activities they participated in while they were at Walmart.

Jill Dillard Instagram

On her Instagram Stories, Jill Dillard revealed one of her favorite activities was to sniff candles while on a date night at Walmart. She explained it was enjoyable and it was free. Unless, of course, you liked a candle so much you purchased it. On Reddit, however, followers took issue with Jill Dillard. Why was she sniffing things in a store during a pandemic?

Does sniffing things during a pandemic make sense?

The biggest issue the individual’s on Reddit seemed to have was Jill pulling down her mask to sniff the candles. Many pointed out you didn’t need to pull down your mask. You could smell it through the mask. She was taking an unnecessary extra step that just put herself and others at risk. Others, however, thought her considering sniffing candles to be a romantic date night was pathetic.

“Imagine how sh** your life must be if your idea of a romantic date is smelling the $4 candles at Walmart,” one individual jested on Reddit.

Overall, her followers were unimpressed with her idea of a date night. And, they couldn’t believe Jill Dillard was pulling her mask down to sniff things during a pandemic.

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