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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Troll On Paul Staehle’s Halloween Post

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90 Day Fiance stars Paul and Karine Staehle worked out their differences again. And, they got back together in Brazil. Karine expects another baby, but for now, Pierre is their only child. He turned one-year-old in March this year. Therefore, at 19-months, it’s not unusual that he’s not potty trained yet. So, when a fan trolled on Paul’s Halloween post about potty training, fans slammed her.

90 Day Fiance – Paul shares photos for Halloween, fan trolls on potty training

We reported that recently, Paul shared a photo of the family with their “19-month-old son, Pierre.” It came on a post on October 14 after he and Karine reconciled. He also told their fans that the next baby Karine expects is named Ethan. At one stage, Paul suggested the child’s not his, and they filed for divorce. But now happily reunited in Brazil, the family celebrated Halloween. Paul shared a lot of photos on Instagram.

Karine looked pretty and Paul looked distinguished in the pictures. And in all of them, Pierre appeared as well. But instead of sounding happy for them, a troll popped up. She showed her ugly side by writing, “Instead of taking pictures change your over grown baby that still wearing pampers.” Paul commented back, explaining that Pierre was born in March 2019. And other 90 Day Fiance fans slammed the troll.

 Troll gets facts wrong about Pierre’s age

When fans slammed the troll, she came back and argued, “he is more like three years old and he should be potty trained.” Well, if you plan on trolling, it might be best to check your facts first. As other fans pointed out, Pierre’s nowhere near three. And, he’s “still a baby.” Other fans couldn’t get over why someone chose to spoil a nice post with such a random nasty comment.

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “I’m sorry, but how unhappy do you have to be to make such a rude comment about a child. 🙄.” And another one noted, “what a b-tch😒. If they want their kid to wear diapers until he’s 10 then so be it. Its none of your d*mn business.” Then, one person fact-checked the troll with, “are you in the slightest close to the definition of perfection? If so please let me know….🙂 and you just assumed the kids age, no research whatsoever. Work on that…”

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle Halloween

Potty training kids advice

The Mayo Clinic gives people advice about potty training children. According to them, some children only seem ready for it at about the age of three. But, others might take to it between 18 months and two-years-old. And, “potty training success hinges on physical developmental and behavioral milestones, not age.”

Are you happy that fans slammed the troll who tried spoiling Paul’s Halloween? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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