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‘LPBW’: Lilah Roloff Might Need Eye Surgery

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LPBW fans noticed that Tori’s daughter, Lilah Roloff, seems very squint-eyed. But, like her mom and dad, they assumed she’d grow out of it. Actually, lots of babies look a bit squint. But, Lilah won’t just get over it by herself. And if doctors can’t correct it, she may face surgery for her strabismus.

LPBW – Tori tells her fans about Lilah Roloff’s eye condition

On Friday, Tori shared a number of photos of Lilah. She looked really cute wearing her little pink eyeglasses. But, the little People, Big World mom didn’t play at dress-up. And, these eyeglasses actually correct vision problems. In her caption, the TLC star wrote, “Girlsie got herself some new accessories!! 👓.” And then, Tori explained about her “crosseyed” girl. The couple “joked” about their “crosseyed beauty queen since her birth.”

But, it’s not a joke. And the little LPBW star suffers from “strabismus.” Basically, people know the condition as a “lazy eye.” But, correctional lenses should fix it. However, as Tori pointed out, “we’re trying glasses to hopefully fix her lazy eye and avoid surgery!!” Luckily, Tori noted, Lilah seems fine with wearing them. But, for mom, it probably takes a minute getting used to them.

Might Lilah need surgery?

John Hopkins Hospital explains that sometimes the eye condition which is a “misalignment” becomes noticeable in tired children. And often, they outgrow it at about “three months.” Well, Lilah, now going on one year obviously never outgrew it. In that case, she could develop amblyopia. The website explained it’s “a condition in which the brain starts to ignore signals sent by the weaker, misaligned eye that leads to vision problems.”

Surgery’s usually a final option. Often, doctors use special lenses that help strengthen the lazy eye. So hopefully, the LPBW baby avoids that final step. Luckily, it looks like Lilah tolerates her eyeglasses quite well. And, Little People, Big World fans thinks she looks very cute. One fan wrote, “This might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. 🤗.” And another fan commented, “You gotta be kidding me she’s the cutest little doll with her glasses 😭.”

LPBW LIlah Roloff eye glasses

Fans relate warnings, suggestions and their own surgery

TLC fans told their own stories about strabismus. It seems fairly common, but some kids ended up with surgery. Those who wore corrective eyeglasses at school seemed bullied. Sadly, quite a few people talked about how kids can be “so cruel.” But, if that comes along, Tori might be able to chat with Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered. Recall, Hazel Busby wears eyeglasses. And, she seems very comfortable with them.

Some adults underwent the surgery and it seems a long-lasting fix. But one LPBW fan suggested  “vision therapy” might help fix the condition and thus avoid surgery for Lilah Roloff.

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