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Isabel Roloff Reveals If Her Ruby Red Locks Are Real, See Adorable Baby Photo

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Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel are continuing their travels. And those who follow Isabel Roloff on Instagram know she likes to make games out of long drives. She and Jacob recently went on a three hour drive to their next location. So, she offered her Instagram followers a new game. What game did she decide to play this time? Keep reading to find out.

Isabel Roloff encourages her followers to make assumptions

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel encouraged her followers to share assumptions they had made about her. She said she would clear up the assumption. And, she did. These types of games are a lot of fun for Isabel Roloff’s followers. Why? They tend to reveal a lot of information about her that her followers don’t already know.

For example, her followers know she has gorgeous ruby red hair. But, some of them can’t help but wonder if the red hair is natural. Is it possible she colors her hair to achieve that gorgeous ruby red tint?

Fortunately for those wondering about her hair, someone seized an opportunity to bring her hair color into the game. And, Isabel Roloff was happy to clear things up.

Isabel Roloff Instagram Isabel Roloff Instagram

Jacob’s wife shared a baby photo to clear the air

As if getting an answer to this burning question wasn’t enough… She treated her followers to a sweet snapshot of herself when she was just a baby. Her hope was a baby photo of herself would clear any doubt on whether or not her red hair was natural.

Now, the downside to Instagram Stories is they expire. Fortunately, we were able to grab a screenshot of the sweet baby picture before it expired. So, are you curious as to whether Isabel Roloff is a natural red head? Or, perhaps, you just want to see what she looks like as a baby? If so, check out this sweet photo down below.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
[Isabel Roloff Instagram]
“You tell me!” Jacob’s wife fired back to the assumption. Her sassy caption came equipped with an adorable photo of herself as a baby. And, yes, that baby had gorgeous ruby red hair. So, for those who had doubts, Isabel Roloff is a natural red head.

Isabel Roloff did admit in a separate assumption that she has colored her hair in the past. But, her red hair was very much her natural hair color.

So, are you surprised to learn that ruby red hair is natural? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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