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‘The Witcher’ Fans Got Their First Look At The Nilfgaardians’ New Armor

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The Witcher Season 2 is creeping closer. In preparation for its eventual release on Netflix, we’ve been getting some sneak peeks at the look of some central characters. On Wednesday, we got a look at the redesigned armor for the Nilfgaardian troops.

Released by the website, Redainian Intelligence, the new armor looks a bit more like what this fearsome army wore in The Witcher books. The site posted a picture of the new armor, as actors were on the set of Fountain Abbey.

In the picture, Eamon Farren as Cahir is rocking the new look black and gold suit. He’s not the only one with a new outfit in the picture though.

Alongside Farren’s Cahir is the  top Nilfgaardian sorceress, Fringilla Vigo, played by Mimi Ndiweni. The outfit she’s sporting is also quite a change from the last time we saw her in Season 1.

The site hints there’s quite a bit to be drawn from the scene unfolding, though they didn’t spill the beans yet. For now, the fresh look of the armor is enough to get gums flapping.

‘The Witcher’ Unveiling A Deadlier Army?

One of the biggest complaints from devoted fans in Season 1 was the rather drab appearance of the Nilfgaardian army. In the first run, their armor was all black.

Those who were fans of the books and the game felt it didn’t do the fighting force justice. In the source stories, they are formidable enough to give Geralt of Rivea pause when he goes up against them.

Their rather ornate style of dress underlines a group few stand up to. Even fewer can stand up next to them. The new gold trim and more intricate patterns on Cahir’s armor shows a change from Season 1 to Season 2.

Some believe that one reason the designs were so much more basic last year is because they meant it to show the Nilfgaardian army is not the force it becomes.

Cahir’s more powerful look hints at things changing in The Witcher‘s world. Just how things are changing and what this scene foretells is still mostly a mystery.

Nilfgaardians On The March

Eagle-eyed fans of the show deciphered a bit more from the pictures taken by professional photographer Terry Blackburn. It’s not just Cahir and Fringilla Vigo out near Fountain Abbey. Several black tents show up in the shot’s background.

Black banners dot the landscape as well. The Witcher fans who played the video game and think they know what’s unfolding should keep in mind the series is based more on the books.

Aspects of the game show up from time to time, but viewers shouldn’t lean on it. Earlier this month, other fresh looks, including Geralt’s started popping up online. We don’t yet know when Season 2 will air, but it seems relatively close.

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