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Did Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Shade Audrey Over Sponsored Content?

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As hard as it is to believe, the Season 21 Finale of Little People, Big World airs this week. And, there’s certainly a lot going on with the Roloff family. We, however, can’t forget about the other members of the TLC family. The members who walked away from the series.

Turns out, Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel has been busy making waves. And just what has she been doing exactly? Well, some LPBW fans think she just took a dig at Audrey Roloff. Keep reading and we’ll break down exactly what happened.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are big on sponsored posts.

We know Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are no longer on the show. But, they still use the fame they gained from the show to make money. For starters, there is their memoir titled A Love Letter LifeIf you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, it’s a pretty powerful piece. A piece that helps married couples.

Likewise, the couple makes a lot of money by pushing various products and partnerships on Instagram. We know Audrey and Jeremy have a partnership with Mr. Clean. And, we know they also snagged a promotion with Fisher-Price. Unsurprisingly, LPBW fans have a lot of opinions about Audrey and Jeremy’s sponsored content. And, this is especially true when they use their daughter.

Fans think Jacob’s wife Isabel took a dig at Jeremy & Audrey

LPBW fans think Jacob’s wife, Isabel Roloff, might’ve taken an indirect dig at Jeremy and Audrey. And, they believe it happened during a conversation on her Instagram Stories. Isabel was trying to get to the bottom of how her followers felt about sponsored content. Did they care if she posted the occasional advertisement to make some cash?

How do you feel when you see people promoting things on here? Does it feel genuine to you? Does it make you roll your eyes? Are you normally intrigued by what they share?”

Those who responded to the topic reassured Isabel they were all for her making some money. Likewise, they didn’t believe she would push a product she didn’t approve of.

Isabel did agree she wasn’t interested in promoting poor quality products to her followers. And, they were thankful for it.

Reddit users coin Isabel the queen of subtle shade

On Reddit, followers of the Roloff family couldn’t stop talking about the Instagram Stories session. In fact, they believed Isabel Roloff was the queen of subtle shade. And, they were here for the dig at Audrey and Jeremy.

Truthfully, many fans question how Jeremy and Jacob (and their wives) make money. Likewise, they don’t really care for the couples making money by piggybacking off the fame of a show they walked away from.


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So, do you think Isabel Roloff tossed a little bit of shade at Audrey? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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