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‘Below Deck Med’ Star Malia White Says Telling On Hannah Was For Everyone’s Safety

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Long after Hannah Ferrier’s firing from Below Deck Med, Malia White still has to explain, over and over why she did what she did. The ship’s Bosun reported that Hannah had unregistered valium and a marijuana pen in her bunk.

Captain Sandy fired the ship’s First Stew almost immediately after Malia brought the medicatioon to her attention. Since the incident, Below Deck Med fans have voiced their displeasure over how the crew handled the situation. Several viewers felt as though Malia “ratted out” a crewmate.

Earlier this week, she answered questions about her reasoning in a Bravo after show video. The Bosun said she had everyone’s safety in mind when she reported the medication.

She then told a couple of stories of situations she knew about where things went quite wrong.

‘Below Deck Med’ Star Looking Out For Others

The first story Malia shared was one where a crewmember on another boat had unregistered drugs on board. While it was prescription medication, something still went wrong. The crewmember died overnight, and no one had any reason to believe they might be in danger.

She pointed to this story as it being quite similar to what she worried could happen to Hannah.

Malia also imparted a story she told once before. During the episode where the Below Deck Med crew dealt with the fallout of the firing, the Bosun told her captain the story of her own allergic reaction.

Malia said she didn’t have any allergies she knew of before one particular crossing. However, she had an allergic reaction all the same. Her face became puffy and she developed a rash all over her body.

During that incident, despite obviously needing benadryl, the ship’s crew did things entirely by the book. The process included calling ashore and getting the ok from a nurse for Malia to take the benadryl.

In the recent video, she made it clear the reason she told Captain Sandy about Hannah’s valium and pen had nothing to do with “ratting out” a friend or crew mate. She wanted to make sure the crew member was safe and that the rest of the crew did things exactly right.

Rough Season Finally Comes To An End

The recent video certainly weren’t the first time Malia claimed there was no malice behind her reporting Hannah. Despite offering the same rationale a number of times since the incident, there are still plenty of people who have their doubts. The skeptics include another former First Stew.

The drama surrounding that incident is just one of the issues Malia had to deal with this season. There was also the arrival of her boyfriend, Tom to the ship. Then there was the subsequent breakup and allegations from her own captain that she was gay.

It’s safe to say the career-oriented Bosun is happy to see this season of Below Deck Med in the rear view mirror.

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